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13 Jul 2015_Siddagolas at our home

Sripada Rajam saranam Prapadhye.

Dear Datta Bandhus,

Sripada swamy devotee Rajesh ji is sharing the Picture of Siddha golas in his garden after completion of daily Siddha mangala stotram parayana.

As many of us know that Sripada swamy gives darshan to HIS devotees in subtle form. Please see the atttached picture of Bright illuminated circles.

Even staunch sripada swamy devotee keerthi vallabha ji confirmed " These are the Siddhagolaas. and this is great photo of siddha golas and the siddhagolaas clarity is upto the mark".

Rajesh ji is really blessed to have darshan of Sripada swamy in subtle form/ Sukshma roopa.

Thank you Rajeshji for sharing the picture with all our Datta Bandhus. We are all also having darshan of sripada in sublte form/ Sukshma Roopa.

Humble salutations to Sripada swamy for HIS grace on HIS devotees.

Please see the attached picture.

Jai Gurudatta.

Note :1. Please access the link…/my-experience-with-sr…/
to see the other pic of Siddha golas and related experience.

2. To know more about Siddha golas please go through this link too.

Shared By: Rajeshji