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11 Jul 2015_Swamy accompanied us in our travel

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Swamy Devotee Vinithaji shared below experience on her Page "Sripadaleelavaibhavam".

Last year SripadaVallabhaMiracles page :: When they conducted group chanting of divya Sidhamangala Stotram daily 11 times.
I participated in that and 4weeks after Sri Vittal Babaji's Mahasamadhi & once i started chanting swami stotra with the grace of Guruji and Sripada Swami we received Green Card. Some of my friends who applied along with us till today most of them did not receive. Personally i feel its pure Guru's grace. And this year also again they started group chanting of divya Sidhamangala stotram & again i started from June 25th on-words.
The same day i started swami stotra & the day when we were traveling to Atlanta ..... we missed an accident it was really a miracle the way we missed the accident. Then i thanked Guruji and also i realized the same day without fail i started chanting swami stotra 11 times. From that day on...No matter i am busy or tired.......Everyday without fail 11 times i started chanting swami stotra....One day when we were waiting at traffic light one guy who was drunk came and hit my car very hard. I was paused for a minute for all the sound and immediately looked at my daughter to make sure she is doing okay....The miracle is me and my husband both were scared for the sound and the way the guy hit my car, but my daughter did not get scare & she assured us she is doing good.
When my husband got off the car to check the damage....even nothing happened to the car. I felt its pure guru's blessings on his child and chanting divya sidhamangala stotra will always give us very good results.
I would request all devotees to participate in that divine event and get blessings of Sri Pada Sri Vallabha Swami and Sri Vittal Babaji.
for all details either you can email to or follow Facebook page.

My Intention behind sharing my experiences is :: I feel it will inspire some more devotees to participate in this divine event and i wanted all dattaswami children to get swami blessings upon them and their families.

When time permits i will share about remaining Dattaparampara Books too.

Om Sri Sai Ram Gurudeva Datta.

Shared By: Vinithaji