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18 Jun 2015_Swamy the brahma swaroopa can change our destiny

Sripada Rajam saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous Sripada devotee is sharing a miracle happened in her friend’s life by Sripada’s abundant grace and blessings.

Today i will be narrating a short and life changing experience of my friend who is a devotee of Shripadji. My friend used to pray to Shripadji since childhood. It was in her horoscope that she will not be successful in her studies and her education wont be much. But with the grace of Shreepadji she has become a doctor now that too she has miraculously always been a topper since she started her medical course though she was a very average student throughout her education before this which wasnt that good. Her entry into medical field was itself a big miracle. Her career was no where since she did BSC something which was irrevelant and then she did a course in insurance and was working with certain insurance companies as an admin. She was quitting her jobs every now and then due to some issues. But then her boy friend who is now her husband who is a doctor guided her into medical field and told to take up that course though her age was little higher. With Shripadji's grace she got a seat in a medical college. She keeps telling and we can see for ourselves how Shripadji has a control on our destiny and can go against our horoscope to give us a great life. Digambara Digambara Shripad Vallabh Digambara.
Is there anything that is not possible for our beloved Sripada swamy? Please read the chapter – 22 from sripada srivallabha charithamrutham to know how Sripada alone can confer the results of the horoscope in the astrological science to HIS devotees.

Jai Gurudatta.

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