Devotee Experience


22 Jun 2015_We need not to fear anything once surrendered to Bhagwan

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Venkat ji is sharing a heart touching experience with all of us which shows their immense love towards swamy.

Om gam ganapataye namaha! Om sri sai ram guru deva datta!

Datta!! This very word is bliss!!

I would like to narrate recent incident in my life where datta tandri played a role of Dhanvantari swaroopa.

I am a very healthy person; and all of a sudden I start feeling anxious and started having various other health issues. I had all kinds of tests done and everything was normal, medically. But I was literally going through hell and I was feeling hopeless, if I ever get back my normal life. All through this pain one thing I did or rather datta let me persist is chanting data mantras: Om sri sai ram gurudeva datta (given by Sri Viswayogi Viswamji garu; Guntur); data stavam, siddha mangala stotram and Sri Pada Sri Vallabaha charitra parayanam, guru charitra parayanam. During this time I regularly listened to Geethamakarandam by SRI VIDYA PRAKASHANANDA GIRI SWAMI, which again strengthened my belief in Datta!! Especially his words: Be fearless! Why fear when you have surrendered to him? I felt yes I am datta’s responsibility when he is there why should I fear and worry!!. Trust me this strong belief in him gave me the strength. Day and I night all I did was chanting datta mantras. I between all this datta blessed me with prestigious fellowship for my research. Trust me I did not even put 50% into application due to health issues. HE knows better about our needs! I knew that this fellowship in fact all achievements I have are his prasadam and his mercy. Datta!! It is belief in datta and his mercy that sailed me through all these health issues and I can say I am back to my normal, healthy life.

Our whole family always does datta nama smarana. In fact our 7-year old daughter said to her teacher that our family has four members: Datta, dad, mom and myself. She wrote a card to datta on mother’s day thanking him for taking of her as mother! I was literally in tears! I say datta you are my mother and father but never thought of thanking him on mother’s day! I am every thankful to datta for blessing our family and little one with strong belief in him. Datta Krupa!!

My humble request to all datta bhandhus our datta tandri is very merciful please have belief in him. He is there with us always, sometimes we feel it and sometimes not. But for sure he is always watching and taking care of us. Faith is god!

Digambara digambara sri pada vallabha digambara.

Jai Gurudatta.

Shared By: Venkatji