Devotee Experience


12 May 2015_Sripada solves our hurdles in our lives

Sripada devotee Sarojini ji is sharing an experience with Swamy and narrating how abundantly been blessed by sripada.

Presently I am at Guntur. Earlier I am at Hyderabad. When I was in financial crisis I shifted to Guntur then my father's brother told me about sripada vallabha and gave me a small photo ; I used to pray him then gradually my problems are solved ; now I am able to run a shop at Guntur with peacefully. My shop is a miracle every day daily I used to do pooja with sripada songs in my cell afterwards the miracle of sripada starts my business will go good. With the krupa of sripada I am able to visit pittapuram kurupuram ganugapur akkalkot . I used to visit pittapuram frequently with my family ; our family strongly feel that pittapuram is our native place and after visiting we feel very very happy.
Jai Gurudatta.

Shared By: Sarojiniji