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25 May 2015_Our love for Sripada

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous sripada devotee is sharing a wonderful experience which strengthen our faith in Swamy enormously.

Shripada Shrivallabha ji came into my life just because of my friend who have been praying to him since childhood. I never knew anything about Shripada ji, not even his name. My friend had shared alot about how Shripada had always helped their family and how he has miraculously shaped my friend's life. This inspired my devotion to Shripada ji just to experience the same. I used to pray to Sai Baba ji till then. I always wanted to know about that one God praying to whom all Gods will be pacified. Our Hindu religion has so many gods that i get confused. Finally i came to know that praying to Sai baba ji will be sufficient. Though i know him since childhood and used to pray almost regularly to sai baba ji since a long time back, and he also had helped me so many times in my difficulties, but still i was somehow never attracted to his form(May be coz he wanted me to pray to Shripad ShriVallabh ji since he knew my conscious was attracted to Shripadji's form though both are the same). Now starting with my experience This was the time when my husband and I were looking for a house on rent. And though i used to pray to Sai Baba alot nothing was finalizing. There was always some or the other issue with the flats we were looking. Finally we liked a flat which we loved soo very much. My husband works in a govt. bank and the rent will be provided by the bank itself but they have a limit so we were restricted to that limit that too for 2years. There again came an issue with the flat which we liked soo much after so much of search. The owner was not ready to give it for 2years. It was no use taking it for only 1 year. So again we had to cancel the deal and finally i lost all my faith in Sai baba and told him that as it is i am not attracted towards him. But i knew that Shripad Vallabh ji and Sai Baba are the avatars of same Lord Datta. I was more attracted to the form of Shripad Vallabh whom my friend had introduced long time back. I told Baba please forgive me AND let me pray to Shripad Vallabh ji so that atleast my devotion gives me happiness irrespective of the material happenings. But I have an habit of asking permission from Sai Babaji before taking any decision. This was an important decision. So i picked up the chits 3 times. And all the 3times Sai Baba told me to go ahead with my devotion towards Shripad Vallabhji. I had read about Siddha Mangala Stotram from this site. So i started reciting it 11times and started reading Shripada Charitramrutam downloading from the internet. Just 2-3days after i started reciting the stotra, our agent called us that he has got a beautiful flat but it was quoted more than our budget. But some how we got that flat in our budget which was impossible, satisfying to heart completely. It was such a beautiful flat which actually is worth much more than we will be paying. But when Shripad Vallabhji is there with us NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. It was as if Sai Baba himself was waiting for the right time to give me devotion towards Shripad Vallabh ji. One more miraculous thing which happened was I was searching job in bank from so many years. And finally i cleared an entrance exam for a bank and was called for interview. My Interview was not at all good with a gap of almost 4years in my career but still after i started praying to Shripadji, i got a call on a Thursday informing me of my selection for the job. Believe me my Thursdays were always very bad before praying to Shripad ji. But getting such an awesome news on a thursday was like a boost in my faith that Shripad ji is responding to my devotion, my love for him.

One more hurdle was that i was 2months pregnant when i got a call for the job. And i was continuously worrying about the travelling part as I dont want anything to happen to my baby. One day while travelling back home in a bus from the corporate office where i was called for joining formalities, i complained to Shripad Vallabh ji frustrated with all the moving and shaking of the bus on our roads, I told him in my mind , you said you protect your devotee like eyelids on the eye. Then when i was not pregnant and at home for so many years I dint get this opportunity and now when i am pregnant its so difficult to adjust. I want to perform well but it will be so difficult to manage since it will also include marketing which is a part of any bank officer's job. I called up for medical formalities for joining and there i got to know that i wont be able to perform some of the tests required. I called up my Hr Manager for informing about the same. Guess what she told ,to join after the delivery of my Baby when i will be able to undergo all the medical tests. So right now i am pregnant and having a bank job in my hand with a facility of joining after my delivery. I have no words to explain the grace of Shripad ShriVallabh. He responds to your love and showers so much grace that you are left spell bound. Now I also see Shripad Vallabh ji and Peethikapur in Sai Baba's eyes. Thanks to Sai Baba Ji for leading me towards worshipping Shripad ShriVallabh ji. When your sins have minimized Shripad Shrivallabh ji pulls you towards himself and gives you such experiences that you can never be short of bountiful love in this life or hereafter. Digambara Digambara Shripada Vallabh Digamabara

Jai Gurudatta.

Shared By: Anonymous