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04 May 2015_Swamy protects us as Lord Srikrishna towards his people

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous sripada devotee is sharing her beautiful experience with swamy by showing her unconditional love towards Sripada.

I am an engineering final year student.while returning back from college one day,I took an auto from bus stand to reach my place.That auto driver was heavily drunk,which I had no clue of as I had no idea until this incident how a drunk person here goes the experience.I boarded that auto and at one place the auto hit a qwalis(car) and the auto turned topsy-turvy, the car's rear end slightly got damaged and the auto driver also got injured.What happened to me was really astonishing and am still not able to come out of it.I just once in my mind said SRIPADA when the auto hit the car.I managed to come out of this whole terrible accident with not even a scratch.People there who helped lifting the auto back, were all astonished that nothing fatal happened to me as the auto fell in such an angle that I would be hurt very badly undoubtedly to be more precise, the auto literally was to fall on me as the driver managed to jump out but through swami's grace nothing I mean literally nothing happened to me. I also want to confess my mistake (read blunder) here though it is a miracle page.I always kept asking swami.why he never showed me any miracles in my life though I read sampoorna charitamrutam 6 times and chant diligently siddha mangala stortram everyday?? NOW I realize that I was sunk in ego.where I felt chanting mantras alone would benefit people but I was wrong, if we have true devotion and affection and unshakable trust on HIM then there is no need to even chant any mantra. LOVE ALONE would be enough to realize HIM!!! Sorry for the long post but I am posting this in detail because now I feel more closer to HIM and have realized that ego will take me NO-WHERE!!!! thank you :)

Jai Gurudatta.

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