Devotee Experience


02 Apr 2015_Swamy accompanies us every second of our lives

Sripada Rajam saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Pavithra ji is sharing a wonderful experience with all the devotees.

We happened to go to India for my brothers' wedding. We had stamping this time, and was very tensed about it. As there were many rejections on H1. Both me and my husband were scared, if it was a right decision. But finally had been to my motherland. I met my aunt in India who wanted me to take few SPSV swamys' murthys and a powerful Salegramam along with me back to USA. These had to be handed over to a very great devotee of swamy before Shivaratri, as he wanted to get abhishekam done to the Salegramam.These can’t be posted because they might break or so.I was the only one travelling around that time period. I accepted it immediately and was really very happy that swamy blessed me in this ways by coming to the USA along with me and the main cause was it was confirmed that we got our visas that day before even attending for the visa interview. The day finally arrived for our stamping. Before that heard many of the cases were held for inquiries, but were really strong as we already got signals from swamy that we are returning back.Our interview went on for hardly a minute.They just found out the company name we work and sent us back. Isn’t it all swamy’s leela? He is the master of the whole universe.

Jai Guru Datta!!

Shared By: Pavithraji