Devotee Experience


04 March 2015_It is swamy who carries us in his arms when we could not find our path to shore

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada swamy devotee Karthik ji is sharing his wonderful experience with Sripada swamy and narrating how sripada rescues him during his tough times.

Sreepadarajam sharanam prapadye.

Lord sreepadavallabha has protected me lot of times from downfall still protecting me When tough gets tougher in life he comes and rescue me he gives me lot of messages many time which saved me from danger till now my life has been full of hurdles all the time god saved me overcoming such hurdles whenever i lost something precious,god gives me message and i will find it again whenever i am in critical situation god comes to help by some means some time the situation was so tough that i felt i am on death bed but god never leaves me he comes and rescue me by some means by the grace of sreepadavallabha i have met many yogis and got their blessings whenever I read sreepadavallabha charitamrutam first time I felt very happy and my mind started saying that I have some past life connection with this book or sreepadavallabha, and I dont know what it is, I felt this book very near and dear to me always,this book is my favorite one and it is the only one which has protected me from downfall all the time still there are lot of difficulties in life, money, job, negative energies ,I hope sreepadavallabha will protect me from all such difficulties thank you sreepadasreevallabha and his divya charitamrutam let sreepadavallabha protect me always your dear and near servent,son,there is no life without you.

Jai Gurudatta.

Shared By: Karthikji