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20 Mar 2015_Swamy reaches us to any part on the earth/cosmos when called upon

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Sarmistha ji is sharing her awesome experience with swamy and the way she narrated shows her deep love and devotion for swamy.

It is often said and as we have read in various holy books,when the Lord calls us and fills in devotion in our heart for His holy feet, He finds a way to reach us too.
I am a Sai devotee .One fine day Sai introduced me to His Datta swaroop ,Sripada Swamy and His beautiful grace.He finds ways to increase this inexplicable love through strange yet miraculous ways.Living in USA , all I could do to satisfy my curiosity is google Swami.Through a friend I came to know of Sripada charitraamrutam.I took to reading immediately online.One chapter a day.Such wonderful is the essence of Sripada swami's words, how life altering and peace full are the messages in the holy Charitraamrutam..I have no words.I am sure all brothers and sisters who read the Lord's words penned By shri Shankara Bhatt knows the beauty and blessings hidden in each letter.
while I was reading my Swami's book online , I had strong wish to hold it in my hand and read .To have it in my puja sthan and read sitting in front of Sai.But then I was hopeless as it would be difficult to order the book from Pithikapuram and have someone deliver it all the way to US.It would take so long and my heart wanted it immediately.
So I prayed to the one and only Sripada Himself .I prayed that He come in the form of the book to me and fulfill my wish to hold Him in my hand.Here comes the best part...the next day I see in a comment in Facebook(SripadaVallabha Miracles) that a blessed devotee receiving the holy book here in US only through another Swami devotee .I inboxed a message to SripadaVallabha miracles (face book)if I can have the holy Charitraamrutam too.And immediately my dearest Sri Lalitha sister messaged me that she has just one English translation of the book available and she would post it to me immediately.
I waited for Sripada swami to enter my home and the day it arrived in mail. My joy knew no bound!I laughed , I cried , I hugged Sripada.Because for me the book is Sripada swami Himself.It is He who through His Nandi , my soul sister Lalitha reached me. with the book came His photo, a coin with His murti and paduka imprints ,and photo of His divine Paduka .
Today with Sai Baba's blessing I have Sripada Charitaamrutam and I read it daily.Each chapter teaches me so many things , so many ways to conduct ourselves properly so that one day we will merge at His divine feet.
I send gratitude to beloved Sripada and my sister at Sripadavallabha miracles for such a wonderful gift must be my past Karma that I got this blessing.
Jai SripadaVallabha Digambara, Datta Digambara, Sai Digambara.

Jai Gurudatta.

Shared By: Sarmistaji