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Sripada our beloved mother as well as loving son_14 jan 2015

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Lakshmi ji is sharing a beautiful experience with sripada swamy.

- Sripada has a natural trait of seeing HIS mother in every woman. If anyone with a natural affection treats sripada as a divine child and worships HIM, Sri Sripada also behaves like a small child in their houses (Sripada vallabha charithamrutham chapter- 20).

I received the Sampoorna Sripadavallbha Charithamritham from Srinivas garu on monday, and started reading it from Tuesday. I had kept it near God. On Wednesday, after reading, I wanted to keep it next to my bed and I put my hand on the book. I had a feeling of putting my hand around a baby; memory of the same feeling of putting my hand around my own little one years ago. Today, being Thursday, I was reading the book aloud to my daughter, I came across the lines that who ever thinks of Sripada fondly as a baby , he will come to them as a small baby. This sentence reminded me of m,y experience I had last night and wanted to share. I have not thought about Him as a baby, but He gave me that feeling very distinctly. Another beautiful experience is, that I got an email about Sri Venkateswara vratham about a week or more ago, and I read it today only. While reading the stories, it is said that the vratham when performed on certain days yields SriVenkateswara’s blessings; and Sravana nakshatram day is one among them. I did not realize today is Sravana nakshatram even when I said the sankalpam. I realized it while reading the story. I believe it is the Grace of Sripada that guided me to do the vratham on Sravana nakshatram day without me planning on it. Jai Sripada.

Jai Guru datta.

Shared By: Lakshmiji