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Swamy listens to our true feelings for one's good_29 oct 2014 - 64

Sripada Rajam saranam Prapdhye.

Anonymous Sripada devotee is narrating a heart touching experience and what she learnt from this experience.

I would like to share an experience when I was working in one of my previous projects. I have been introduced to sripada swamy an year ago. Sripada swamy blessed me with a job when I badly needed it for my survival. It was a very new job profile to me but I had no choice left. With sripada swamy and baba blessings started the project with good feedback from my Team. I usually do not mingle with people so easily and try to keep a distance between professional life and personal life. After few days a new girl was hired into the project. I started seeing some change in our team member’s attitude sometimes. I noticed that this newly hired girl was playing games and giving bad impression to the other team members. I was so surprised to see this and didn’t understand why is she doing like this. I never did anything wrong. It’s evitable that she was trying to get benefited by creating negative impression on me. I didn’t care and focused on my job. My Manager was so impressed with my work and promoted me to the other team where I had to guide other team members and I was given major responsibility. This new girl is also in the same team and I started working with her. I had no anger with her and trying my best to help her in the work to give better output. Sometimes due to the poor quality, I had to complete her job also. Eventually it has been a great burden for me to do two persons job. It impacted my health too. It continued for months and I reached a stage which I can’t take the pressure anymore. She was not understanding my pain and not paying attention to her work. At last I prayed sripada and complained to the higher management that I can’t manage that girl’s work too.They decided to fire her as there have already been many complaints against her from other team members. I sincerely prayed sripada to help me to come out of this as I wanted her to be placed in any other team and she should not lose the job. But she has already been intimated on the same that her contract will end in two days .My heart was so heavy as she was losing her job. By the end of the day, miraculously one of the managers supported her and managed to take her back into the project. I was so relieved as that girl has been put into other team. But this girl teamed up with others to torture me and putting blame on me that based on my statement, management decided to fire her. Infact, I didn’t want her to lose her job. But they were not in a position to understand me. I was so restless and cried sitting in front of sripada swamy to take me away from that unavoidable situation. Swamy listened to my prayers and very next day client requested our manager to send me to the client office daily to help their team till go live. I immediately accepted that request and started going to the client place.

After two months, I resigned from my job and moving to my home town. Just couple of days before my last working day, I visited the old office to say goodbye to all my colleagues. This girl was also there and told me she is also going to be released from the project in two days. I was shocked to hear that. After sometime I heard from other colleagues that based on performance issue higher management decided to end her contract. We both were released from the project on the same day and date. I left the job on my own and she lost her job on performance issue.

It’s indeed a miracle. I prayed sripada that just because of me she should not lose her job and also help her to retain her job as she needed it so badly. At the same time I can’t do her job and my job too anymore due to the pressure and tight timelines of the project completion. I don’t want to blame someone for the pain I have gone through. Sripada swamy implemented HIS plan in HIS own way to teach a lesson to me. People will come and go in your life. You can’t change people who you come across and should not judge their mistakes. No one is perfect in this world and ignore their attitude though it hurts you. When we completely surrender to our Guru or God nothing should hurt us. Everyone’s good and bad actions will be taken care by the Supreme Lord.

I will represent this using a beautiful Mother Teresa quote:

“ People are often unreasonable and self centered .Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind , people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are honest , people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.

If you find happiness , people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough . Give your best anyway.

For you see, in the end, it is between you and GOD. It was never between you and them anyway.

Digambara Digambara Sripadavallabha Digambara.

Jai Guru Datta.

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