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It is swamy who accompanies us all the time_08 oct 2014 - 60

Sripada rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous Sripada swamy devotee is sharing a short and sweet experience which proves the statement of Sripada Swamy from Sripada srivallabha chanrithamrutham.

-If a devotee moves one step towards Me, I will take hundred steps towards HIM.

I got introduced to Sripada swamy in 2013. When I visited my parents in my native, I wanted to visit pitapuram Sripada swamy mahasamsthan. From there it will take 3 hours to reach pitapuram. My father has already accompanied me to visit Shirdi a week before. I was little bit hesitant to ask my parents to come with me to Pitapuram. But I strongly determined in my mind , I should visit Pitapuram next day. But I don’t have anyone to come with me and parents do not allow me to go alone.
I was sad and thinking how to go.All of a sudden my aunt came to see me from other city and I told her about Sripada swamy.I didn’t ask her to come with me as I wasn’t sure if she is interested but I told her I want to visit Pitapuram next day and I have none to accompany me. She immediately said , “ Don’t worry . We are going tomorrow morning to Pitapuram. I’m on leave for a week”. My joy knew no bounds and immediately requested my father to make arrangements for our travel.
Infact before coming to my parents place , I thought of introducing Sripada swamy to my aunt. I always say Sripada swamy is a great Architecture. HE had already planned for our trip and made my aunt visted me and fulfilled my wish.We started to Pitapuram very next day morning and we reached kukkuteswara swamy temple just in 2hours. We had a great darshan of swamy and by 9 AM we reached Sripada swamy Mahasamsthan and attended Sripada swamy Abhishekam.I felt extremely happy and spent our time in the temple till noon and had lunch as Sripada swamy’s prasadam in the Prasadalayam. Mahasamsthan offers food to the non local devotees. Please do not miss delicious Prasad / food offered by Mahasamsthan.
Digambara Digamabara Sripada vallabha Digamabara.

Jai guru Datta.

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