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Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye.

Amazing and Heart touching experience shared by Sripada devotee Pallaviji and also narrating how Sripada granted her HIS benign appearance in Subtle form / Sukshma rupa ( Siddha Golas) in her house.


When I sit down to write about Sripada Vallabha’s miralces, I do not remember about my bad days at all. That itself is HIS miracle.
I belong to a middle class Brahmin family. I was introduced to SPSV by a very dear frnd of mine. She used to tell me about HIM and asking me to believe in HIM and to read Sripada Vallabha Charitamrutam. I used to worship Lord Ganapathi at that time and was not willing to believe in any other deity.
One day we went to Chowdeshwari temple and she had brought SPSV Charitamrutam and Guru Charitra for me. She asked me to start reading SPSV Charitamrutam from that day onwards, in the temple itself. I read the introduction. It was on Jan 5th 2012. I brought the books home and kept it on the TV stand. Never looked at it. One fine day, May 25th 2012, I suddenly took the book and started reading. I started reading the book in my room. Slowly, I made the habit of reading it daily, started chanting Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara. Things started getting better day by day. I mean, I became very positive, very strong and very confident. I was not like this before.
Gradually, I started reading the Charitamrutam in the pooja room, by arranging the photos and all there. I used to offer flowers, naivedyam and decorate with lots of diyas. Every Thursdays I used to make halwa or payasam for SPSV. I used to feel so happy to do that.
My parents started looking out for a groom for me. Somehow nothing worked out for 3 yrs. There was a proposal in Jan 2013. Everything was matching here, the education, job, parents, the family and all. They were not keen on the girl working or not. But somehow I dint like the guy, I do not know why. My parents were not ready to listen to me. They were seeing all the positive sides and were forcing me to say yes as they did not believe in “liking” someone to get married. But my heart was not there. I prayed and prayed and prayed to SPSV. After a lot of crying, my parents left the matter after 1 or 1.5 months.
I was also blessed to go to Kuruvapura on April 18th 2013, just within 1 year of started reading the Charitamrutam. I went along with my frnd who introduced me to SPSV.
Just after we came back from Kuruvapura, this proposal came back again. My parents said that maybe this is the one, or else, this would not have come back after 6 months. I also thought the same and with a heavy heart, said yes to this proposal. I prayed Lord Sripada that – If you say yes to this proposal, then even I will say yes. I asked HIM is he my husband? Pls give me some hint cuz my heart is certainly not able to accept him as my husband. I cried and prayed in front of HIM.
I tried to develop feelings and respect for that person but I failed. Also, I must say that I was not worrying now as I knew that Sripada will do something.
It was August 5th 2013, in the morning. I was talking to my frnd (who introduced me to SPSV) and was crying. I told her that I have totally surrendered to HIM. I will accept whatever HE decides for me. She consoled me. The same day, it around 7:30-8 pm. I was on a call. I was sitting in my room, watching TV. Suddenly I saw something right in front of me. It was round in shape, illuminating pink and blue rays from it. It was moving like Sudarshana Chakra. Where ever my eyes went, I saw that. It was following my sight. I saw that on the wall, on top of the roof everywhere. I came out of my room, told my mom. She could not see anything. I tried showing it to her, it was right on top of her head, behind her also. She could not see. My dad came out of the kitchen, he could not see as well. He said that its due to my eyesight problem and that I see a lot of TV.I t was there for abt 6-7 mins. Then it went off. Then I realised that it was none other than SPSV. HE came in front of me to console me, to give me strength and to tell me that HE is there with me. None of them believed when I told them this. But, after what happened later, my mom believed. What happened late, pls read on.
It was Ashadah month in July and the guy’s mother called up my mom to say that they will come home on a Sunday after the Mahalaya Amavasya. Also she said my mom that her son wanted to talk to me and asked us to decide after that. We were all thinking what could it be? But we never guessed anything.
The Sunday came and the guy came along with his father. Another frnd of mine (colleague, not the one who introduced me to SPSV) was also there with me to support. They guy’s father asked us to go out somewhere to talk. My frnd also came along with us and we were wondering what it could be. We reached a Coffee Day nearby and my frnd was sitting away from us. They guy started talking generally abt things and then he said that he wanted to talk abt his health. I told him to pls go ahead and continue. He was sweating in the AC. He said that he is diabetic since 2 yrs and he is under treatment and the doctors are reducing his medicines. Then he said that he is in depression since his 10th std and is under medication. This is what he wanted to tell me and they wanted us to discuss and then take an informed decision. I was blank for a while. Then spoke to him and encouraged him and gave him confidence that everything will be alright, we just need to believe in god. Believe it or not, I started to talk abt SPSV, Guru Charitra, HIS leelas and all that in CCD I also told him a couple of stories from Guru Charitra He felt so good. He asked if the book is available on flipcart so that he can buy I told him to visit Dattatreya temple where the book is available and gave him the address. He was pleased and said that whenever he spoke to other girls’ abt this, they made faces, they insulted him but I, supported him. And he was very happy for that. Meanwhile, his father had told everything to my parents at home. We came back and they left after a while.
We all discussed, and my parents did not want to take risk and said that we will not go ahead. My parents who were forcing me to get married to him, now, they themselves don’t want this to happen.
I feel bad for the guy. At the same time, sould not get married to him either.
His mother called up my mom and expressed her regret that I could not be her daughter-in-law and also felt happy for the way I treated her son.
Thus, Sripada Vallabha helped me in this. I was just praying HIM to give me some sort of signal to say “yes” whn I meet my would-be husband and HE did that. Today I am very happy with my husband, in-laws. I could not ask for more. I never prayed for money, I only prayed for a loving and caring husband and HE has blessed me with one :)
Any data devotees can vouch for the fact that Sripad Vallabha WILL definitely help us all the time. I keep saying every1 that Lord Shiva is Abhisheka Priya, Vishnu is Alankaara Priya, and my lord, Sripada is Smaranamaatra Priya :) :) Even though I know that HE himself is Shiva, Vishnu, Ganapathi and everything, I am partial towards HIS this form :):)
Jai Guru Datta Sri Guru Datta.

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Shared By: Pallavi