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The omnipresence of Sripada_19 sep 2014 - 57

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye!!!

Anonymous sripada devotee is sharing a very beautiful experience here.This amazing experience proves that swamy always listens to you and answer your prayer according to your inner feelings.

Please keep it as anonymous.

I would like to share my recent miracle with all Dattabandus, I also participated in Group chanting of Sidha mangala stotram and reading SPSV charitamrutam parayana. i finished all reading and chanting by the date of Ganesh chaturdi(Sri pada vallabha jayanthi), I did pooja on that day everything was fine, But i did not receive any response from Sri pada to my request. I am reading all datta bandu's miracles daily which are posted on this page. sometimes i wondered by reading the miracles. and I thought they are dedicating a lot for sri pada that's why sri pada is giving then the answers and miracles, but I think I am not giving much like them and also some times I used to think that Sri pada swamy is busy in responding to his dearest devotees who is dedicating more for him. I was very worried and keep on thinking about it that how to become dearest devotee to sripada. Here is the miracle which experienced on last Saturday(13th of Sept).

"Lord Shiva came into my dream and slept on our bed by keeping his head in my lap like a child, I really felt like my baby is sleeping in my lap. I asked him that Swamy, Please give me the chance to do 'Pada seva' he said that I am very weak now, I don't have patience to move my legs to be comfortable to you. I replied to him that you don't get strain my lord will come to you, then he asked me with a low voice that I am very hungry ma, can you please feed me!! now a days you are being dull I came to make you happy. I felt very happy and served sweetrice into a plate and I was about to feed him with my hands but I woke up suddenly with by alarm ring.

what I understand from the dream is he will never be busy at one devotee in giving love to other devotees. he is "SARVANTARYAMI" if we chant his name with faith on him he will reply to us, of course it takes time to get his response sometimes but he will listen to our each and every word. He knows what is the right time to give what to whom. So chant his name from bottom of the heart and keep you faith on it, he reply to you for sure.

Thanks a lot for given this opportunity to share this with all Datta bandus.

Digambara Digamabara Sripada Vallabha Digambara.

Jai Guru Datta.

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