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Swamy reaches the true calls_24th sep 2014 - 55

Sripada rajam Saranam prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Sindhuji is sharing her amazing experience with Sripada swamy which proves How fast Sripada swamy does respond to the call from HIS devotee.

- As soon as I receive the call of the devotee I will respond at once. I am waiting for the call from my devotee. If a devotee moves one step towards me, I will take hundred steps towards him.

I got introduced to Sri Sripada Srivallabha Swamy on 23rd Aug 2014. I have never heard of his name prior to that. I am an ardent Shirdi Sai devotee and may be Baba wanted to answer my prayers in a different form and introduced me and my husband to Sri Sripada Srivallabhula varu. So the experience goes this way. My husband received a call from his childhood friend (SJ) who came on a project to USA. He was speaking with him after a considerable amount of time (like seriously they didn’t speak over the phone in last 10 yrs or so) on Aug 23rd 2014, Saturday afternoon. In that conversation he inquired about few personal challenges we have been facing and asked my husband to read Sripada Srivallabha Charithamrutham and said it will do us good. He in fact forced my husband to read it at any cost and since Ganesh Chathurthi was fast approaching in less than a week on 29th Aug, he wanted him to start the parayana on that day. My husband mentioned this to me and I asked whose parayana did he ask him to do and he didn’t recollect Swami’s name and struggled, called his friend back. I mean I am just re-iterating our state, we had no clue who this swamy was. While my husband appreciated his genuine concern and wanted to benefit us by making him to start this parayanam, he had no clue how to start as he didn’t have the book. He searched online and couldn’t find a proper online version. When he said that to his friend, he immediately brought a 3rd friend (SP) into picture who was in India, who happened to be a common friend of both. Now my husband was in a fix. This situation was a bit weird as my husband was not in touch with SP for almost more than 12 yrs or so and now all of a sudden he was getting ready to call all the way to India and on top of it asking him a favour out of the blue. But SJ took care of this situation and said he will be along with him in the conference call. So on 24th Aug 2014 Sunday night, the call was made and SJ insisted and demanded SP to send the charithamrutham at the earliest. SP is also an ardent devotee of Sripadulavaru and he agreed to send the book right away. It was already 25th Aug in India. So he bought a book and couriered it the same night. I was watching all this and was thinking to myself – do you really think all this will happen, we are now left with less than 5 days and these couriers take forever to reach. I kept checking the courier service and it showed the parcel was in Bombay on 27th and I thought to myself, how in the world will this book come by 29th as even after coming to US, it has to go through many states before it reaches us. When I checked the status on 28th night, it showed it was in Minneapolis, MN (already came to NY, then to NJ, then to Memphis, TN and routed to MN). Now that was shocking. I was excited for my husband. The book was delivered after we completed vinayakachavithi pooja. But with my limited and stupid knowledge, I was asking him why he wanted to start it on Fri and during the month of Bhadrapada and why not when Dasara starts as I thought it was more auspicious. But he was extremely determined to start. Now that made me thinking why in the hell am I stopping him and I shouldn’t do any wrong things in such situations. Then I started doing google search on who is Sripada Srivallabha swamy actually. I am surprised that I didn’t do it from the time I heard his name. I really didn’t pay much attention. And then realized that Ganesh Chathurthi is very auspicious day to start the parayana as it was the day he descended in that form. So I made up my mind and wanted to listen to the charithamrutham. We successfully completed the parayanam in a week’s time. I made sooji halwa and my husband made batani as prasadam and offered it to him. I was so excited all the 7 days and enjoyed listening to his satcharitra. It was just mesmerizing, can’t explain in words. I thanked mentally my husband’s friend for introducing us to Sripada Srivallabha swamy and the India friend who couriered the book instantly. I am kind of immersed in his chantings and regularly looking out to read more and more miracles. Somehow I am getting so attracted to Sri Sripada Srivallabha Swamy. When I just think of what happened from 23-Aug to 29th Aug and the parayana period, I just feel so good. It all happened miraculously. Sripada Raajam Saranam Prapadhye Datta Digambara Datta Digambara Sripada Srivallabha Datta Digambara Datta Digambara !!

Jai Guru Datta.

Shared By: Sindhuji