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Swamy transforms the impossible to possible_10 aug 2014 - 53

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous Sripada devotee sharing her amazing experience here.

Sripada swami said, “ When factors of time , cause and action become favourable at the same time some rare fortune would be available”.

I would like to share the below miracle I experienced. I just received the admission confirmation and feel really blessed. Wanted to share the news with all Datta Bandhus. Thank you.

I came to the US few months ago resigning from my job after marriage. While I was in India, I applied to a college for Masters in US. I was confident that I would be selected for this Masters program since I already have work experience in the same domain. But, I was surprised to see that I was rejected for this program. I thought that Sripada Swami must definitely be having some other better plans for me and hence it happened this way.

I started applying to other colleges in the neighboring areas.
1) I got an admit from a private university, but I was not completely satisfied as the fees for that program is very high and also it was not the area of specialization I was interested in.

2) My application to a State university (where the fees is reasonable) got rejected as my application reached late and the class was already full.

3) I applied to a third university. Professor was positive about offering an admission, I felt happy that Swami finally showed me a path. But I suddenly received a mail one day that the program is being cancelled for this year.

I felt very sad and started thinking of what can be done. I was talking to Swami in my heart saying that I cannot wait idle until next academic year to apply again for admissions and to show me a path. Meanwhile, as though Sripada Swami himself spoke, my husband suggested that I apply to a different program in the State University (previously mentioned) for the next semester from Jan'15 and meet the professor personally. On Jul 30, Wednesday Chaviti tithi was also there, I felt like making 'undrallu' to Lord Ganesha who is Sripada Swami roopam only. Praying to Lord Ganesha and Sripada Swami to remove all obstacles, and reading Chapter 14 from Guru Charitra as per the advice of my Guruji Sri Sri Sri Vithalananda Saraswati Maharaj, I went to meet the professor to ask for next semester's admission. Here is the miracle that happened: The Professor has gone through my scores and said that he was willing to offer me admission not for next semester but for the current semester without any additional documents although the deadline for application is over and the class is filled. I felt extremely happy and thanked God as I wanted to specialize in this area. Assuming that it was difficult to get admission I did not even try applying previously to this program. Swami knows our heart and makes the impossible possible.

I recollect my last words with my Guruji Vittal Babaji when I called HIM worried about my admission. HE said that Datta will take care of my Masters and that I need not be worried at all. As my babaji is no longer with us physically, I was really disturbed. While I was looking for an advice and randomly opened a page from SPSV Charitamrutam, here is what I read:

"Everything will be readied for you. You need not struggle for anything. The Prabhu who can give food to a frog under a stone can also support you. Wherever you are, I will be behind you. I will move as your hidden companion. I will be protecting you like an eyelid to the eye".

This is in fact an awesome miracle I experienced proving that my Babaji and Sripada Swami are always with me. I will be joining in college with THEIR blessings. Jai Guru Datta Jai Vittal Babaji.

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