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Swamy listens to our hearts _ 25 aug 2014 - 51

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye.

Sripada devotee srinivas ji sharing his wonderful experience with Sripada swamy in Kuruvapur.

- Below experience proves God likes your inner feelings not external experiences and works according to your feeling.

Dear Datta Bandhus,

I want to share a miracle experienced in kuruvapur.I have been introduced to Sripada swamy in 2013. Ever since I read Sripada Srivallabha Charithamrutham , I had been planning to visit Pitapuram , Gangapur and kuruvapur as early as possible. I made all arrangements to travel from USA to India in the month of June 2013.Initially I had to work with the offshore team in Mumbai for the first 2 weeks. I utilized that opportunity and visited Shirdi to have a beautiful darshan of Shirdi sai.After that my travel continued to Kanipakam , Tirupathi , Kalahasthi , Vasavi matha in penugonda and Pitapuram without taking a break in between.Still Kuruvapur and Gangapur remained in my list of visiting places.My Return date to USA almost arrived.Due to the hectic travel and limited time I decided to visit Kuruvapuram only and dropped the idea of visiting Gangapur. But I was so sad as I could not make it to Gangapur.
Very Next day started to kuruvapur with my friend. We reached kuruvapur 12 in the afternoon. It was almost closing time of the temple. It was a Pleasant surprise for me when I looked at Sripada Swamy as HE was Sitting in NRUSIMHA SARASWATHI ALANKARANA ( Gangapur ). Isn’t this a miracle?

Sripada swamy gave HIS darshan in NRUSIMHA SARASWATHI ALANKARANA / Avathar in Kuruvapur and fulfilled my desire to have a darshan of Nrusimha saraswathi in Gangapur. I have no words to write more about our Sripada swamy’s love towards HIS devotees.
And also I was offered with delicious meal in the temple. After that I gave Rs 10 /- to one sadhu when HE asked me to give him a Dakshina. But he asked me to give him Rs 11/-. Instead of Rs 10 /- .

I told him , “ I don’t have a change”. A little boy next to him helped me with the change and I gave Rs 11 /- as Dakshina to Sadhu. When I was coming back , one of that Sadhu’s disciple ran to me and Returned One Rupee and said , “ Swamy asked you to keep this ONE RUPEE with you”.
Amazing.One Rupee coin is very precious for me and feel it’s a blessing from Sripada swamy in Kuruvapur.

Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara.

Jai Guru Datta.

Shared By: Srinivasji