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Swamy serves his devotees(he preceeds as well as follows us)

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye.

Sripada devotee Divya ji sharing her awesome and heart touching experience here.

Reading these amazing experiences gives us positive hope and increases our faith manifold in our Sripada swamy.

Sripada swamy said , “ I am a slave to those who forget all worries and constantly meditate upon me”.

:- My first Experience with Sripada Srivallabha Swami in Pithapuram

I am a 28 year old unmarried Telugitelady working in Bengaluru. I got a copy of Sripada SriVallabhaCharitamrutam (English) a month ago from S V Sreenivasa Raogaru and after reading 33 chapters, I was impelled to visit Pithapuram all alone. I was inspired by the Divine Mother’s love towards Sripada Srivallabha Swami and hence decided to carry Halwa for him as an offering. Sri Rao garu gave necessary guidance to visit the place and particularly told me that Sripada Srivallabha Swamy is fond of Halwa made of wheat and I got the same prepared by my mother. Since, the quantity prepared could not be packed in one container, I carried the remaining portion in a smaller container and proceeded to Pithapuram by train.
I reached Pithapuram on 05/07/2014 (Chitra Nakshatram Pooja day) and directly proceeded to Pada Gaya temple complex. The moment I entered the temple premises, I encountered a middle aged Priest who spoke to me asking if I wanted to offer any Pooja. I told him that I had to freshen up and he guided me the way to the Sarovar(tank) there. I stood there staring at the area and perplexed of not knowing what I had to do next. I had no intention to take a dip, as there was neither security for baggage, nor enough privacy for a single lady to change clothes. I was lost in my thoughts, when suddenly the same Priest appeared from nowhere and advised me to take a dip in Sarovar and then worship Sri Shanishwara and told that it was auspicious day to perform the pooja to Navagraha and assured me to take care of my belongings. He gave me clear instructions. He accompanied me to the store to purchase the pooja items and thereafter, took me to the counter to pay the token for performing pooja. Thereafter, he asked me to leave my belongings and also instructed me to take a dip. Meanwhile, he promised that he would keep a watch on my belongings till I come out. After bath he personally accompanied me to the Deity. During invocation with Gotranamavali before worship, he revealed the purpose of my visit on his own and said that my elder sister (33 years old) is now under the influence of Saturn and hence reason for delay in her marriage. He specified that the pooja performed then will nullify the negative aspects and told she will be married soon. I was taken aback at his clairvoyance. (Later my mother confirmed about the ShaniDosham in my elder sister’s horoscope causing delay in her marriage).
He asked me regarding the purpose of having carried the two containers which were placed in my baggage and I answered. After worship, he asked me to give Halwa for his Consumption and I readily accepted. Thereafter, he personally chose the small container and asked me to give him as prasad. After pooja, He told that my purpose of visit was fulfilled and asked me to proceed. I was baffled as I was yet to have darshan of the presiding Deity in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Then he advised me to proceed to Sripada Sri Vallabha MahaSamsthanam by walk and after taking another bath in the Sarovar. I thought that He would stay guard to my belongings again and took another dip. After coming out of tank, I looked around but He vanished in thin air.
I was wondering if I would see him inside the temple premises and went in search for him but in vain. Meanwhile I had the Darshan of other Deities at the temple and proceeded towards Sripada Sri Vallabha MahaSamsthanam. After prolonged search for auto-rickshaw, I decided to walk after recollecting the words of the Priest whom I earlier interacted with, who specifically asked me to walk. Since, no conveyance was seen around for quite some timefor me to take, I began walking in the hot weather and after some distance, suddenly I was stopped by an auto driver, who volunteered to drop me to the Samsthanam. He asked the permission of the elderly couple inside to detour as they were travelling in a different direction. They willingly heeded to the request. As we moved through narrow lanes and by- lanes of old town,the Auto had to stop before a temple close to MahaSamsthanam due to breakdown of a tractor, blocking the road. The man in the auto exclaimed that we got an opportunity to stop by the temple. He alighted and proceeded to the MahaSamsthanam.
I straightaway went to the Sanctum sanctorum where the three idols of Sri Dattatreya, Sripada Srivallabha and Sri NarasimhaSaraswathi are housed and requested the Priest (Pujari) to offer the Halwa to the Deities. As it is not the tradition to offer Halwa prepared by devotees, he declined. I was upset (as the dish was prepared with devotion and brought all the way from Bengaluru) and after some time pleaded with him again,to offer. At this juncture another person approached me and readily offered the Halwa to Sripada Srivallabha Swamy’s large idol under Audambar (Ficus racemosa) tree. I felt happy and afterwards began distribution of Halwa as Prasadam to devotees around. But there are few takers and I was non plussed.
At this moment Sri Sajjanagarh Ramaswamigaru (Peethadhipathi) came out of His chamber and enquired whether I am distributing Halwa prasadam. When I replied in affirmative, He advised me to take it first and distribute the same to others. I did so and lo! devotees suddenly flocked and I could empty the container of Prasadam in no time. The devotees then said that SriRamaswamigaru seldom speaks to devotees unless He is inspired by Sripada Srivallabha Swamy.
Thus a total stranger’s visit to the holy birth place is thus fulfilled. Now I am convinced that I had a past connection with Sripada Srivallabha Swamy and He invited me to Pithapuram and took Halwa from me as a priest in Kukkuteswara Swami temple and took the offering alone (not with other Deities ) under Audambar tree in His Birth place (MahaSamsthanam).I am indeed blessed.

Jai Guru Datta!!

Shared By: Divya