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Swamy stands by us during our challenging time_15 jul 14 - 43

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye.

Sripada devotee venkata ji sharing an amazing experience reflects how Sripada swamy shows HIS presence in our lives when we surrender to HIM completely.

:- Lord Sripada accepts crores of prayers every moment.He remedies the trouble and grants every righteous wish.
Sri padarajam saranam prapadye!

Sri Datta guru and his presence is our life.

I was facing one challenging task at my work place for past two years. The only hope I had all throughout this challenging time was Sri Pada Sri Vallabha Datta guru. Finally today I proved to whole team that I was right and successfully finished my project which is nothing but a miracle and blessing of datta guru. All we need is faith in him. We still have lots of challenges ahead but confident that our hope in him will give us strength us to sail through these times. Yes, belief in DATTA is what we need, DATTA will make sure that we feel his love and strength. He is true smathrugami.

No words to thank you DATTA what can we say your are our life!!!!

Sri pada srivallabha datta guru.

Jai Guru Datta.

Shared By: Venkataji