Devotee Experience


17 May 2021_His leelas are innumerable and it is impossible for us to know that

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye!!
Sripada Devotee Jagadeesh ji is sharing a beautiful experience with the immense grace of Sripada.
I wanted to thank you from bottom of heart for maintaining this site.your site is torch bearer for sripada vallabha devotees and it brings immense happiness while reading miracles on your site.
I wanted to share few leelas of swami I my life and it would help someone reading this experience.
I became devotee of sripada due to sai baba blessings.I was doing Guru charitra parayanam and it occurred to me to do sripada vallabha charitrum due to his grace only.I completed parayanam and his grace fell on me.I was going through H1B issues and was reading some devotee experience in your site and I was also in the same position.By his grace my H1B got approved last year and after that I continued to chant siddhamanagala strotram 11 times a day.
By his grace I decided to chant 2498 times siddhamanagala strotram for manadalam days.The day I started manadalam,I brought house in USA and I entered home on the day of completion.It is only due to his grace and Baba grace, I was able to fulfill my dream.
His leelas are innumerable and it is impossible for us to know that.I am glad that I became sripada and Sai baba in this birth and need his grace in every birth.

Shared By: Jagadeesh ji