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30 Nov 2020_Datta Sripada Srivallabha biggest miracle in life

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye!!
Sripada devotee Bhavani sripadaji is sharing a heart touching experience that instills faith in sripada.

I am devotee of sripada sri vallabha swamy since 2019, unexpectedly I go to know about sidda manga stotram from a sai devotee by sripada grace from then I started to recite sidda manga stotra after 3 months of recitation by sripada grace I got a chance to visit pitapuram . After 1st visit of pitapuram sripada sri vallabha swamy maha samasthan and swayambu dattatreya temple in sri kukketeswara swamy temple changed my life , I felt very peace and joy in my 1st visit itself , every devotee of dattatreya and sripada must vist pitapuram ones in their life time after then you will be only get attracted to pitapuram by sripada grace and love towards us. Actually am suffering from psoriasis since 15 years and I got fed up with all medications so after knowing sripada swamy I completely rely on sripada , by sripada grace I did 7 days parayan in sripada swamy maha samsthan from then my health problem(psoriasis) got cured completely with out any medication within 1 month from then!
onwards till now I never took any medicines for psoriasis. I really felt it as biggest miracle in my life till date. Every friend and my relatives got shocked by seeing my skin , and every one asked me how I got cured psoriasis without a single mark on the skin. Trust and love towards sripada swamy can cure anything and there is nothing impossible to sripada swamy. By surrendering to sripada and reciting Sidda mangala stotram which is most poweful stotra of sripada and sripada sri vallabha charitamrutam every day will give solution to all our problems and also shows how to lead dharama life and how to do good karmas . My love and trust never ends towards datta deva, sripada and sai baba. I pray for sripada should bless and shower his love towards my family and all devotees families .

sripada rajyam sharanam prapadye!
Jai sai ram!
Jai sri guru deva datta!


Shared By: Bhavani Sripada ji