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24 Nov 2020_ Forever grateful to Swamy

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye!!
Sripada devotee Harshitha ji is sharing a beautiful experience and narrating how swamy helped them from a crisis.

Sreepadam Saranam Prapadaye.
In 2018, My Papa was ditched by his company. He was given 3 months time to find another job but due to his age it was almost so difficult. He was trying everywhere but responses were never positive. I did Parayan of Swami for my father. He not only found a job for him, but better place, better work environment, better salary and much more. I am forever grateful to Swami that he helped us in that difficult time where we lost all hopes.

Along with that problem, there was another issue which led to some dispute between my father and his elder brother. I was doing his parayan. I prayed to Sreepada ji that please make things right between these two and make them talk again. After an hour, something happened and Papa and His elder brother talked but it was negative. But i had faith in him. It took a few months, and then everything got resolved. Now they share the same bond like before. Thank You Seepada Ji. Please bless us always.

Sreepadam Saranam Prapadaye.


Shared By: Harishithaji