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20 Aug 2020 _ Digambara Digambara Sripadavallabha Digambara

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.
Anonymous Sripada devotee is sharing a beautiful experience that explains the importance of chanting Digambara namam even you feel things are not happening as you expected.
I would like to share the gracious presence of sreepaadha around us all the time. Recently , I was very much disappointed with one of my long awaited results and during waiting period of these results, have always prayed to sreepaadha that, if its good for me then ill get else I will not. I always believed that he will provide me with the best , and i was not selected in the results. Initially I was very much disappointed and couldn't digest the news. Please note that these results are not based on our talent and they are pure luck based, slowly went into a mood where I was not able to pray to him with wholeheartedness. I was just reciting the mantra Digambara Digambara Sree paadha vallabjha Digambara, Digambara Digambara Avadootha Chintana Digambara and questioning him why was I not selected.
One day was randomly thinking about him and told internally , o lord sreepaadha , it is your duty to hold to ur devotees and pull towards you when they are on the verge of disappointment, hence please help me not to loose faith in you and recited the above mantra . Miraculously , that day afternoon , have found my lost diamond ring in the most unexpected place . Ring was lost 6 months back and i have lost all hopes on it. So its Lord Sreepaadha's grace to build faith in me and time and again it is proved that he will not leave my hands even though from my sheer stupidity i doubt him.
Ring is just an object but it is the presence of Lord and his listening to me that made me immensely happy and now i totally believe that he stored something more worthy to me than those results.
Hence , I want to tell to all devotees that life throws such a challenges at us , where faith can shatter , Please please keep reciting above mantra, recite it whatever thoughts enter your mind , recite it how bad the day is , recite it when there is no hope left , I guarantee you , he will show you miracles , may be not in your expected way , but definitely in a much better way. we humans never know wat we want and we thrive for smaller things, he knows best wat to give, Do have Faith.
Thank you all . Sreepaadha rajam saranam prapadhayee

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