Devotee Experience


9 Aug 2020_ Sri Datta Karunyamu

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Ishaji is sharing a beautiful experience that shows how swamy fulfills even a small wish in our heart through someone though we do not pray HIM for that wish to be fulfilled.

My bhakti towards Sri Pada Sri Vallabha , started primarily as Sai baba

For few days, on thursday, no matter where I am I was encoutering the Sai baba photo weather Iam at home , in the form of photos or travelling in bus, I could see Saibaba photo hanging to tree near by villages or in the form of even Agarbatti packet !.

One day I was packing my luggage & my dad gave vibhuti from gangapur & I have seen this very sweet and loving photo of Lord dattatreya in childform with 3 heads. I somehow wanted that to be with me ,but did not ask my dad. but surprisingly ma father only gave me that photo which I kept with me till my tenure in banglore in poojagadi.

Later we got to read the sidhamangala stotra & his charitamrutham & we still continue to do so when ever possible.

Sree pada raajam sharanam prapadhye.


Shared By: Isha ji