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25 June 2020_ Leelas of Sripada are immense

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Sandhya Acharya ji is sharing a heart touching experience in her life with Sripada's abundant grace.

Shree Pada Rajam Sharanam Prapadhye
Digambara Digambara Shree Pada Vallabha Digambara

Leelas of Shree Guru Deva Datta are immense and may our trust in him keep growing each passing day.
I had completed Paaraayana of 40 days Siddha Mangala Shloka on May 6, 2020 and the same day I decided to do Saptha Paaraayana of our Sacred Granth ShreePada ShreeVallabha Charitaamrutham. As I am working lady, I was never able to do Saptha Paaraayana of the Sacred Charitaamrutham even though I have the sacred book with me from November 2014. As we have to work from home during lockdown, I completed doing Saptha Paaraayana of the sacred Charitaamrutham in 5 days.

On May 5, 2020 during lockdown when I went to my grocery, I suddenly met our Plant seller after so long. As during lockdown the most effected people were the daily wage earners, I asked him if he needs any grocery. He politely conveyed one nice brother from our area has provided him and his room mates grocery. So I handed over some cash in his hand as lockdown has effected the daily wage earners a lot. He alongwith his brother had come to sell few Tulsi Plants, and after I handed over cash to him. He thanked me a lot, took my number and I too got to know his name that day and I too saved his number as "Manoj Tulsi Plant". He is a migrant from Bihar staying in Mumbai near my area along with his brothers in a rented house.

As I had completed Paaraayana of Siddha Mangala Shloka on May 6th and also Paaraayana of ShreePada ShreeVallabha Charitaamrutham on May 10th, I wanted to also do Annadhanam for both the Paarayaana's. I generally do Annadhanam in a nearby temple whenever I complete Paarayaana of Siddha Mangala Shloka and as all temples are closed due to Lockdown, I was wondering how to do Annadhanam. I had to do Annadhanam for total 22 people - 11 people for Paaraayana of SMS and 11 people for Paaraayan of Charitaamrutham. I was discussing with our society watchman and I always wanted to give 2 packets to our society watchman who are truly very hardworking. Our watchman said he will arrange for 20 people from the local slums to whomI can handover the packet of food and he and the other watchman will make a total count of 22. However, I was not satisfied for some reason and just called the Tulsi Plant Manoj bhaiya on Tuesday, May 12th morning around 9 am to find out how many migrants stay with him. He said they were 20 of them and I was so happy as those 20 migrants and our society watchman makes total count of 22. I had asked him to come on Thursday, May 14th evening. He conveyed due to lockdown they all were planning of going back to Bihar and were waiting for call from the local Police Station as the Police men were arranging their transportation back to the migrants hometown. I then said ok, as I wanted to do Annadanam to them, I told him please come today evening itself around 6 pm. I made pulao for around 22 of them at home and the Tulsi Plant brother came to collect the food. I gave him a big vessel of home cooked pulao and 2 plates to our society watchman and was happy that I could complete the Paaraayana procedure by doing Annadanam for 22 of them.

After 2 days I called the Tulsi Plant broher to find out if he got a call from Police Station to go to Bihar, his hometown and I was surprised when he said Bhabi, we had your prasad and got a call on Tuesday, May 12th night itself from Police Station and we all left for Bihar that same night. I was just dumbstruck. This is all the blessings of our Guruji, that I could feed the real needy people during the time of this lockdown.

With the grace of our Smartrugaami Guruji I could complete Paaraayana of both Siddha Mangala Shloka and ShreePada ShreeVallabha Charitaamrutham by feeding the real sufferers during this lockdown. His leelas are Aprampaar. From the time he has held my hands, he has taken care of me and my family always. Shree Guru Deva Datta, may your grace be with us always.


Shared By: Sandhya Acharya ji