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20 May 2020_Sripada is the only one who can save his devotees in tough times

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.
Anonymous Sripada devotee is sharing a wonderful leela of sripada in their lives.
Sripada is the only one who can save his devotees in tough times. One month back my husband lost his job. He is sole provider for our family. It happened so sudden. We were shocked. We live on monthly salary. I am firm believer of Sripada. During that time I was doing Sripada Srivallabha charitra sapthaham. I thought everything happens for a reason, may be Sripada is burning our bad karma. After the saptaham was completed, we performed anagha vratham, donated for Annadanam and I prayed Sripada to give us some job which pays for our daily needs. I said I don’t need luxuries, just basic needs. Also I started chanting siddha mangala sthothram 11 times daily. After month my husband got a better job at a better company. I asked for basic needs but Sripada gave us a better job. Only by the grace of Sripada. Datta digambara Datta digambara Sripada vallabha datta digambara.


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