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20 Feb 2020_ Sripada Swamy's grace and blessings

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye!!!
Sripada devotee shakari ji is sharing a wonderful leela of sripada in thier lives.
Jaya Guru Datta.

I would like to share the experience which my mother experienced in August,2019.My mother has disc in spinal cord . She could walk only if she has some support. There is a pressing between two nerves which stopped the blood circulation to the legs.She used to feel the numbness in her legs and she would not know when she would collapse because of no blood circulation to the legs. She had very very severe pain in her spinal cord. We took her to many doctors but they said only solution is operation as it is in dangerous stage.My mother is 68 years old. Doctors said there are chances that she might be paralyzed if the operation is not success. She could not bear the pain anymore.It became out of her control. Luckily my brother and sister are in India for vacation.My brother took the appointment from a spine specialist but he cancelled the appointment in a last min as something came up for him in the last minute. My brother requested the doctor to please go through the reports. The doctor agreed ,looked over the reports and said it is a critical situation and he would do the operation next day itself. My mother got operated. After few days she came home. But still, she was not at all feeling fell and was crying each and every minute.I read the miracles in this website regularly . Also, read about Siddha mangala stotram . I started reading for my mom to recover from the operation. After 2 days of reading Siddha mangala stotram my mom was able to control the pain. Within a week she was normal, in 2 weeks she started walking slowly for 2 minutes. One week after,she is able to walk 15 min with support an she is able to sit.Now,she is able to walk for 30 min. The pain in the backbone is gone.I still read siddha mangala stotram 11 times daily for my mom and for myself too. Its all Sripada Swami's blessings and grace that my mother is getting normal now. Thank you.
Sri Guru Datta.


Shared By: Shakari ji