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17 Feb 2020 _ I cannot even begin to describe the greatness of Sripada srivallabha Mahaswami!!

Sripada devotee Sudharshan is sharing his wonderful experience of having Swamy's guidance towards a spiritual path of awareness without his knowledge.

I had previously described my experience with Sripada Srivallabha Mahaswami and how He took me under his wings. Here I would like to describe some more miracles that I have experienced due to His grace.

Sripada Srivallabha Mahaswami, in His teachings, says "The significance of the Datta incarnation is to achieve evolution and development in people without them being aware of it. Without any effort on their part or with little effort, living beings traveled from the deep inner consciousness towards spiritual evolution in methods unknown to them (Chapter 9)", and "For those who study the Charitamrutam of Srīpāda, an evolutionary programme will occur in an orderly way (Chapter 38)".

I have been experiencing these first-hand. Let me tell you all about this.

Once I started doing regular devoted reading of Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam, I understood that Mahaswami will take me in the right path as long as I have Bhakti (devotion with faith) in Him. I continued doing this with utmost faith. The Charitamrutam answered several of my questions and encouraged me to be more spiritual. Sripada Swami has been guiding me in my spiritual pursuit. I got more interest in reading books about the various spiritual aspects described in the Charitamrutam, and I felt contented when I did the same. One such incident happened recently.

I owned a book called "The Ancient Science of Mantras" by Om Swami, a Saadhaka from the Himalayas. Though I owned this book since the last couple of years, I never had the thought or fortune of reading even a single page of it. Out of the blue on 21-December-2019 after I finished chapters 13-18 of the Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam (day-3 paaraayana) and had my breakfast, I picked up this book for reading. It was completely unplanned, and I felt a voice in my head telling me to read the book. Once I started reading it, I felt being more and more interested to explore it. A part of the book talks about Mantra Diksha (initiation towards mastering Mantras) and the best days to receive it as per our scriptures. According to the book, the best Maasas (Hindu Calendar Month) for Mantra Diksha are Kaarthika, Maargashira and Maagha, with the best paksha for Mantra Diksha aimed at attaining liberation being the Krishna Paksha, and the best tithis (Hindu calendar days) are Pournima (Full moon), Dwitiya (2nd day), Panchami (5th day), Saptami (7th day), Trayodashi (13th Day) and Dashami (10th Day).

Once I read this chapter regarding the best days for Mantra Diksha, I remembered that the day when I started reading this book (21-December-2019), according to the Hindu Calendar our family follows, was 'Maargashira Maasa, Krishna Paksha, Dashami', just the best days mentioned for Diksha.

I was dumbfounded at this realization. I now have more and more belief that Sripada Srivallabha Mahaswami is guiding me towards the spiritualistic path of awareness without my knowledge, and that I should trust him and let him take me to the highest spiritualistic plane.

I cannot even begin to describe the greatness of Sripada Srivallabha Mahaswami.
Sripada Rajam Sharanam Prapadye!


Shared By: SUDHARSHAN ji