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Sripada helps us from preventing to slip from our word

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye.

Sripada Devotee Hariji sharing his amazing experience here.

From chapter 14 (Sripada Srivallabha Charithamrutham)
– Sri Sripada was capable of granting boons with HIS grace and also to cause losses with HIS Wrath.

Sripada Said , “ If you take me as a SUPPORT , I preach you path of DHARMA and also path of KARMA. I always protect you from a DOWNFALL.

Dear Team
Below is my Recent experience.
Am an Trader in stock market,With the blessings of sripada swamy i have developed new research methods and have done post graduation in Financial markets,However last month i started my trading with new capital of 20000 and with in few weeks i have made around 2.5 lakh,and long back I promised sripada that i'l come to kurvapur{ goshala in Panch devpahad} and donate 2000 for Gosewa and eventually I delayed it.

Recently Few days back,when I was performing pooja,I felt like sripada ordered me to come to kurvapur immediately next day { sunday} and pay 2000 which i promised. But being a fool i couldnt do it,and found some reason to delay it.

From next day with in 3 days I lost complete 2.5 lakh and literally there was zero in my account. I felt very very bad and i recollected sripada swamys message,i was accidentally seeing a calendar and found that Sunday {which sripada swamy ordered me} was Chitta nakshatram. I felt like crying and decided to go as soon as possible.

But There was no money with me to pay for GOSEWA in kurvapur,so I thought to Borrow money from someone and start trading again,Then earn some money and go to kurvapur. So I borrowed 25000 from my friend.

with that 25000,I kept apart 2000 for paying at kurvapur, and started trading with 23000 and again that 23000 value of portfolio became almost 4000 and I almost slipped to zero.

This time I felt like sripada is completely angry on me, and I started to kurvapur next day morning{it was last saturday} itself. Had a great darshan of Dattha maharaj,Paid 2000 to gosewa and returned peacefully.

Now the magic of my Guru has started, on monday the value of my portfolio suddenly increased from almost zero levels to 22000,gave spike to 50000 next day and today am sitting on 1.5 lakh profit again in just a week.I payed back the 25000 I borrowed with interest. I was left with no words but only with tears in my eyes.

some people may find this purely materialistic as it revolves around money. But trust me I never asked sripada prabhu to give me all this. It was Lord himself who turned me from a small theif to a Banker,Stock market trader and gave me many more Higher positions.

I never did any sincere penance,my way of praying Dattha Bagawan is offering FOOD TO HUNGRY PEOPLE,I had been doing this every day from past 2 years.

I do not know any Mantras,Japas,sadhanas. My Gutt feeling is Help people in need,feed Hungry human beings..its Highest degree of penance for Dattha Maharaj.

And saying this,I want to share this is very very smallest miracle that happend in my life,There are many,many more.

Jai Guru Datta.

Shared By: Hari