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12 July 2019_ Sripadavallabha's Miraculous Blessing

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous sripada devotee is sharing an amazing experience of having Swamy's miraculous blessing in her life.

Sripada Raajam Saranam Prapadye....

I wanted to share a wonderful experience of Sripada Vallabha’s miraculous blessing.. Our family is an ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba... Whenever we faced any troubles or happiness we shared with him. He was everything for us. With his grace I got married and moved to USA...Life moved on with several ups n downs until I got pregnant.... All was well until we found that I was going in to labour very early.... We tried all possible ways but couldn’t save the pregnancy....But few months later the painful words of not bearing kids started... I just kept quite and believed in God. I had the blessing of Nagendra swamy. I consulted a gynecologist and found I had no fertility problems... My Appa gifted me Sripada Charithamrutham in English . I never heard of Sripada earlier. This book was a lucky charm .. After I received this book, I came to know the true colours of certain people whom I thought were caring and considerate. Days passed and I started parayana for Kids and good life. There wasnt a single day without crying infront of him. I finished the 48 days parayanam and Started SidhaMangala Stothram. To my surprise, I conceived.... My tension grew more due to my previous pregnancy complications ... No matter what I did not stop believing Sai baba and Sripada Vallabha and many deities. Sai baba confirmed that his and Sripada blessings are one and the same and I need not worry about anything. As I met the criteria for every test, my faith, hope increased day by day .Things went well until a big blow to our family..., My father expired of Massive cardiac arrest.... It was so unfortunate that I was unable to visit India to see him for one last time as I was restricted to travel.. After my fathers demise, I was totally shattered and did not know what was happening in my life ... But I kept praying Sripada Vallabha to give me the strength to handle this tough situation. I started Sidha Mangala stothra parayana for 1116 times. I kept myself strong for the little ones inside me.I did not stop praying my dear Swamy.Apart from all this , I was also facing other emotional pains but Sripada kept me strong in all these phases. Doctors said they would induce labour soon as it wasn’t safe to hold long.To my surprise I went into labour on tuesday.While delivering I was chanting his stothram.I delivered two little bundles of joy One Boy and One Girl. Truly blessed by Sripada Vallabha .All I can say is no matter how tough things are.if you believe in him and surrender completely he will always be our side.

Wishing that he also brings me out of other emotional pains.My prayers continues for my little munchkins and hoping that he makes me a strong person to fight the evil that’s surrounding me.

Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara

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