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I recommend everyone to read sripadasrivallabha charithamrutham

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye.

Sripada Devotee Santhoshji is sharing his experience of having beautiful darshan of Sripada Srivallabha during his KADALIVANAM trip and how Sripada blessed him with a very good Job in Top MNC.

:- Kadalivanam is a sacred place to Datta devotees where second incarnation of Lord Dattatreya called Nrusimha saraswathi avatar ends and re appears as swami Samarth.

Here goes the experience from Santhosh kakani ji , an ardent devotee of Sripada Srivallbha.

Hi Datta Bandhus,

Today I would like to share one of my experiences where I saw Datta Prabhu during my kadalivanam yatra.

Long time back I saw one email which was sent by one of Datta Bhandus asking that "Is any one interested in going to Kadalivanam on shivaratri. and if anyone is going to Kadalivanam on that day I will join you" for that email I did not reply but one thought came into my mind after some time to visit that place.So first I said the same to my guru ji for that he said lets see and you find details about the same so that we can plan. so I tried online found very less details about it and posted one email to Datta bhandu group that stating a proposal to visit kadalivanam and asking people to express interest for participation.

So soon keerthi vallabha ji (Sripada Devotee) gave me information and details about the trip and finally he took the responsibility to organize the trip from his trust Sripada Sri Guru Sangamam Seva Trust so we started one fine day for trip and that was the place where I met with so many Datta bhandus and meeting with them was like being with family.When our yatra started Me, Naveen and Arjun started walking faster to reach first smile emoticon:) so on the whole long way of 8 Kms Tracking we were chanting "Digambara Digambara .. Sri Pada Vallabha Digambara ... loudly in the jungle smile emoticon:) and also Jai Guru Datta Slogans ... so when we reached a place where there is a mark of one Foot on stone Exactly there I saw 3 people coming back from kadalivanam Trip and among them one person was looking very pleasant he was more than 6 feet with Yellow color sanyasi dress he was smiling seeing us giving slogons of Digambara namam exactly at the ‘Eka Pada Mudra’ stone my friend Naveen did namaskaram to him and went away and so my other friend too. and it was my chance I thought some thing like he was non other than Lord Datta so just removed my shoe and about to which he was removing his cheppal I said no problem swami I will take your ashirwad like that only and touched his feet and felt little bit blessed and for that time I did not ask him for anything as my mind was going on with Digambara namam and soon I said Jai Guru datta and took back my slogan of Digambara and went off to Kadalivanam Trip.

In Kadalivanam Guha our Keethi vallabha ji and other Datta bhandus organized Datta homam where by God’s grace I also participated and for this I need to mention special thanks to Keerthi Vallabha ji and SSVT Trust and our Datta bhandus. Our night was spent with digambara namas and poojas soon we slept and we woke up in early morning to reach Datta padukas which is 7 Kms Tracking so me Naveen and Arjun left early at 7 AM and we were the first people to go and I think that day Sri Pada Swami asked me to do First Abhishekam to his padukas it seems I did the abhishekam and decorated the Pious Lotus feet of smai with Chandan and kumkuma and did harathi and then started my guru parayanam there and returned to Srisailam on the same day and we came back cherishing so many wonderful moments and here I would like to mention one thing the days where bit difficult for me as my employer was not giving salary for past 2 months as most of the clients in company were gone and was very difficult phase to both company and employees so I surrendered completely to Swami Sripada. After 1 week exactly on Thursday I got a call from One of The Top MNCs to attend the interview for which I attended and got selected on the same day now at that movement I was like ‘I did nothing. Swami you sent me there and you gave me job and I just followed your instructions and you saved me’ and thanked him and prayed Swami I have only one wish that is just Do not leave me and always stay inside me smile emoticon:). I just wanted to share this experience with you.

I suggest all devotees ‘Don’t ask too many things to him HE knows what to give and how to give and also how much to give and what is good for you what is not’. You just need to try good thing he will give the result forget about the result while doing things smile emoticon:) actually I have so many experiences but this was one of them.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share with everyone. Today morning I informed swami that I will share this part of my life to devotees because that may give hopes and that may give belief that swami is with them if they show dedication.

Remember one thing if you asked so many times for something and if he didn’t give you then think it is not for you and if you don’t want something but still if he gives you think it’s for you

I recommend every one to read SRI PADA SRI VALLABA CHARITAMRUTAM to get to know about swami

Sri Pada Rajam Saranam Prapadye.

: - Please see the Attached pictures of Ekapadam in kadalivanam and My decoration to swami vari paduka in kadalivanam.

Mee Datta Bhanduvu,
Santosh Kakani.

Jai Gurudatta.

Shared By: Santhosh