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23 June 2019_You will know Me through love only

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Jyothi ji is sharing an amazing experience with the blessings of Sripada Srivallabha.

From Chapter 4 ( Sripada srivallabha charithamrutham)

Sripada says ,"There is nothing, which I cannot lift or there is no problem which I cannot solve for them. People, who believe me by mind, action and speech, leaving all other dharmas behind, are really blessed people. When my grace is flowing on you, all the other Shaktis in this nature give positive auspicious vibrations. You can take it as my promise. There is
nothing which I cannot get in all these fourteen ‘Bhuvanas’. Even if you are following your own righteous path, if you remember My name, I will protect you like the eye lid to the eye. I am the embodiment of love. You will know Me through love only ".

Jai Sripada,

I'M a devotee of sripada sri vallabha swamy.we are from india lives in U.S.A on H1b visa,me on h4 visa as dependent.after coming to USA after 3 years our visa extension was on process,meanwhile i cant go back to india before extension process if i go between extension i can't come back again for 7 months.

i used to call my mother daily on skype .but once my mother was not lifting my call for 4 days and i was worried what happened.because i am getting very bad dreams on my mother that something had happened to my mother.every day at early morning i used to wake up daily in the early morning (between 3.00 am to 6.00 am) crying with heart pain like something is crushing my heart.same continued for 3 days .and in the morning time i am keeping on calling my mom for day and night but she is not lifting my call.on 4th day night i got a dream again of my mother
i was sitting in a bus traveling and in the same bus back to my 3 seats i saw my mother was sitting there and i was calling her and telling her to come and sit next to me.i cant get up from my seat i cant even able to move an inch how much i try to get up and want to go to my mom and sit next to her. i doesnt even know that it was a dream it felt as very real.and suddenly my mother started telling me calling by my name jyo my time is over and im leaving you from now onwards take care of yourself dont scare for anything and don't cry always belive in god he will take care of you. she said those words to me and stopped speaking with me telling me bye.and i cant believe what she is saying and i was asking her amma what are you saying and why are you telling me that you are going leaving me please dont go amma i can't live with out you amma ,i was saying these words and woke up
crying with a severe heart pain which i cant bear the pain.i woke up from dream and went to front room and i was crying calling my mother i want to go back to india immediately and see my mom.i went to my pooja room watching sripada swamy and remembering my mothers words (where ever you are and when you are in a helpless situation only god can help you call him he will come for you ) i remembered these words suddenly and i started praying smarthugami sanovathu(smarana matra prasannudavu) oh god dattatreya sripada sri vallabha swamy i believed in you i pray you daily please where ever you are come and help me now immediately i need you please dont leave me i was crying praying and begged him to save my mother untill i go to india and come back nothing should happend to my mom )and my husband suddenly woke up and saw me crying and told me nothing will happen he consoled me that day he told me if you want we can leave our job and go back to india.

After two days my mom lifted my phone and told me she was fine.i was asking her daily about her health how she was,and i was told her about my dream that I got and to my surprise she told me after one month that when i called on those 4 days she was hospitalised in serious condition and she was on blood bottle supply on ICU those words i got in my dream are she really was thinking about me and wanted to tell me and she felt like she was lost her life and came back to life again in the morning & she was fine and doctors told her its a miracle that she was fine opened her eyes speaking normally in the morning, I was heart broken hearing them i immediately went to pooja room thanking sripada sri vallabha swamy for listening to my prayers and giving me my mom back to me alive.

i'm so thankful to my dear sripada swamy i cant express my joy towards him because without swamys grace my mother would not be alive now .my mom is my only friend with whom i will always speaks from morning to night beacause i dont have any friends exept my mom and i cant live without my mom.

when we are in danger no need to do any big prayers and poojas just close your eyes and call he whole heartedly with his name he will listen to your prayer and be present in front of you giving a hope that I (SRIPADA) am always with you dont fear my child. THANK YOU SO MUCH SRIPADA.



Shared By: Jyothi ji