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26 May 2019_ Sripada's amazing leela

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Vanadana ji is sharing her heart touching experience with sripada's grace.

Sripad Rajam Sharnam Prabadhyae

I would like to share my experience with all my Sripada devotees. I am a Sripada devotee with absolutely very little knowledge of rituals ,mantras etc. As per Sripadas will, my friend Rama Shreedhara a very strong devotee of Sripada introduced me to Sripada and asked me to pray to him . It was then that Sripada made ways for me , I wanted Sripada Srivallabah Chariramrut in English Edition from Sansthan but they said it was out of stock n will take atleast 2 to 3 months but suddendly from nowhere they asked me if i want a Hindi Edition ,which again was his will as i am also fluent in hindi. Then Sripada introduced me to Lalithaji n i feel it was turning point in my path to learn more n more about Sripada. She guided me and introduced me to Sanjitha ji a very noble soul n great bhakt of Sripada and then both Sanjitha ji n Lalithaji added me in parayan n chanting stotram groups and with Sripada Shripada miracle group and thus introduced me to hundreds of very noble souls in those groups. .In this way Sripada helped me in my spiritual path at every stage by bringing an ignorant person like me in company of such noble souls.
The experience which i am going to share is entirely my firm belief as no one beleved except my friend Rama n Lalithaji.
This incident happened in month of January 2019 . As i said i do not know any rituals but strongly believe that Sripada is bhavpriya . First thing in morning when i get up i make tea for everyone but before serving the tea and buiscuits to everyone first i used to serve it to Sripada and Angha Maa . This continued for many months till this incident happened

One morning after offering bhog to Sripada and Angha Maa when i was about to prepare breakfast for myself and my son who had come from hostel, suddenly doorbell rang As i opened the door i saw a boy about 8 years old very fair well dressed very likable boy standing with a piece of paper with many signatures and said he would like to have donation. I asked him to wait and then gave him 100 Rs . He said that could i give them something to eat . Suddenly i noticed a girl standing behind him about 13 to 14 yrs old . I called them in n as was making second round of tea for myself i offered tea n buiscits to them too. Suddenly that boy smiled n said Aunty i dont drink tea but will have biuscuits but can you give us chappati n sabj as we are very hungry.
Frankly speaking cant find words to explain the feeling which i experienced at that moment . I felt that Sripada is hungry n asking me to prepare food for him n Angha Maa. .I felt that i was blessed as My Sripada wants to eat food prepared by such a ignorant devotee like me. I started making paranthas n served them with mix vegetable n pickle . Again even writing i have chills in my body as i was making n making they blessing me by eating and eating. I enqired from where they came they said Kashmir and came to Delhi for donations.

As they left i suddenly thought that how two childern could enter our society flat complex as no one is allowed to enter society complex without making entry at main gate. I calked up main gate n to my utter surprise they told me that they did not allow anyone to enter complex for collecting donations . I then asked my block members as to how much donation they had made n again they told me that no one came to their house to collect donations.
I know it was my Sripada who came to bless me and tell me that he did not want me to serve tea to him . From that day i stopoed serving tea and now offer milk as Sripada is fond of milk.
This is entirely my strong belef and to people who dont believe i say that in every holy text of every religion it is mentioned and as Sripada says he is in each n every person so if you feed him you feed Sripada .Now it is ones belief that he treats the person as Sripada or an ordinary person in whom my Sripada exists. It is he who gives a very ignorant and ordinary person like me to share my experience with all noble souls of the group blessed by Sripada himself.
Sripada please bless everyone.


Shared By: Vanadana ji