Devotee Experience


6 April 2019_ I will take care of my Devotee as an Eyelid

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada Devotee Jyothi Ji is sharing a heart touching experience and a message given by Swamy.

Humble pranaams to Sripada for blessing all of us to get to know HIS leelas through HIS beloved devotees.

Jai gurudatta,

My name is Jyothi

From long time I was started reading sripada Sri Vallabha charitamrutham parayanam and every time I wish to read I was stopping reading in middle due to some health issues for my son or some fights in our home. How many times I wanted to read either Saptaha parayanam or mandala deeksha I couldn’t do either of them and I was worried that I lost everything and I am losing even sripada swamy now.
When I prayed to god the very next day I got WhatsApp invitation for sripada srivallabha mandala parayanam and I wanted to read immediately. Even my husband and son stopped eating nonveg for these 40 days for my pooja it’s a surprise for me because they never stop eating for at least 1 week.
Even I got so many obstacles but I succeeded in finishing reading sripada srivallabha charitamrutham with atmost devotion felt each and every chapter with so much happiness . I can’t describe the feeling in my words.i even did annadhanam on finishing day after long time ( years).
I’m so happy. Thank you so much. Jai Sripada

And when ever I do some deeksha I used to get swapna darshan of sripada swamy or other gods but this time I was very depressed that i couldn’t concentrate on any prayer with devotion and I felt like losing sripada and thinking that he was angry on me due to some reason that’s why I can’t read charitamrutham parayanam then one day I cried sitting in my pooja room infront of sripada swamy to give me his darshan so that I feel like he is receiving my prayers.
One night I got a dream of sripada sitting on his backside while I was walking so him and speaking to myself, Is not that sripada I should go to him saying god why can’t I see your face please turn my side and give me your darshan then I heard a voice telling why are you always asking me that I want this that ( materialistic desires)why can’t you ask me that sripada I want only you.and I woke up from my dream immediately. I then understood what I want I only needed sripada in my life. Because everything have and wanted is there with me and comes and goes to someone or somewhere nothing is mine in this world. Only god himself is there with me before birth , in this life, and after life. So I only need him.finally I found my mistakes what I did. Thank you sripada for correcting me please bless me sripada.

He who is surrendered himself to me without any materialistic desires I will always take care of him as an eyelid (manovakkaya karmalache naaku ankithamaina vaanini Nenu kantiki reppavale kaapaduchundunu) these words are given by sripada swamy in charitamrutham.

Om sripada rajam sharanam prapadye
Digambara digambara sreepadavallabha digambara.


Shared By: Jyothi ji