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21 Feb 2019_Believe in HIM Completely , Surrender to HIM Totally, HE is right next to you..

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Sahithi ji is sharing an amazing leela of Sripada.

Jai guru dattatreya
Jai sreepaada
I am sahiti subrahmanyam from Hyderabad.I want to share my experiences with sreepaada.After my marriage and a miscarriage in 2008,our family priest suggested my mother to take me to ganagapur and make me take dips in ashta teertha,palki Seva at Ganagapur,and then conduct a dattatreya homa with 108 lotus flowers at a dattatreya temple in Hyderabad.In August 2010 after the completion of homa the temple pujari gave us each a copy of sripada srivallabha charitamrutham in Telugu and told us to read on daily basis.Exactly after 41 days I convinced with my elder son.But was completely on strict bed rest with my foot elevated.Then I continuously read sreepaada charitamrutham.To my surprise my elder son is born on afternoon of Tuesday.He is now 8 yrs old.In 2016 my second was born at 27 weeks in July 2016.we were all told by the docs regarding all the complications the baby would face but to be strong.On July 20th his health started deteriorating.I was completely numb to this situation.On 24th of July he was showing up with sleep apnea.I cried to sreepaada like how a sister cries to her elder brother when in any trouble.I literally spoke,cried,and not to say I fought with him.The very next day I received a mail from saying the parayana of SMS 11 times daily upto sep 5th 2016 the Ganesh chaturthi.I thanked sripada immediately for showing me the way.From July 27 2016 I sincerely chanted SMS 11 times while sitting next to my baby in the NICU.He slowly started recovering.Next came the biggest miracle.My son was discharged home on SEP 5TH 2016 Wich is on the day of completion of my 41days SMS chanting and it also happened to be Ganesh chaturthi and sreepaada Janma Dina.He is now a 2 yr old happy and healthy boy.
What more miracle can a mother expect.I just dedicated all my life to my sreepaada's lotus feet.
Thank you
Jai guru dattatreya
Jai sreepada

Shared By: Sahithi ji