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14 Feb 2019_it's only Shreepad Swami who saved all of us from a brutal road accident

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Rahulji is sharing an amazing leela of Sripada and how swamy protected them like an eye lid with HIS motherly affection.

I would like to share my experience with all of you and how Shreepad Swami always takes care of us and never leave our hand. This incident happened on 4th Jan 2019. We (myself, my wife and my 2 kids) were travelling on US highway from Orlando. My wife was driving and suddenly there was heavy rain started and soon it was so heavy that we are not able to see through windshield. My wife was not able to turn on the wipers on time because car was totally new, she was not sure how to increase the speed. Within seconds we were not able to see anything outside and we were on highway with speed limit of 75 MPH. I asked my wife to slow down a little bit and move car to extreme right lane which is slow lane. But in panic she moved car to left lane and reduced the speed competently.
I was so scared that someone is going to hit us very hard right in the middle of the road due to low visibility and if that would have happen it would have a nasty blow and we all might lost our life. I closed my eyes in anticipation of dash from other car and prayed Shreepad Swami.
After couple of minutes we realized that nothing happen, so when I open my eyes we were extreme left end but my car of stood on the shoulder just between the barrettes and empty space and not one road.

It took us a minute to realized what happened and never understood how car moved from middle lane to left shoulder exactly in the empty space. Forget about a big collision not a slight starch to us or car.

I know it's only Shreepad Swami who saved all of us from a brutal road accident.


Shared By: Rahul ji