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6 Feb 2019_We experience Swamy's presence in our lives when we call HIS name with love and Devotion

Anonymous Sripada devotee is sharing a wonderful leela of Sriguru in her cousin's life.

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

I want to share a beautiful experience which i had due to DATTA prabhus grace . My cousin sister who is married for 10 years and didn't have kids. in this 10 years she got pregnant for 8 times and all those times she got abortions within a month.she was worried and lost hope of everything and went into depression that she might not have kids again in this life.Then one day she came to our house and was crying then I told her to read sri gurucharitra and sri pada srivallabha charitamrutham saptaha parayanam and also told her to read Siddamangala stotram.she did as i told her to do.I told her no to lose hope and believe in Dattaprabhu he will take care of everything.i also told her if one who believes in him and when forgets of everything (like meterialistic desires )and just concentrates on him he will take care of that person he himself given promised who ever call my name with devotion (Digambara Digambara Sri Padavallabha Digambara)i will be present in front of him within a second and takes care of everithing and HE DID IT.after having all the abortions my cousin sister read continously sri pada sri vallabha charitamrutham and datta charitamrutham saptaha parayanam.DUE to DATTA PRABHUS grace she CONCEIVED and blessed with a BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER RECENTLY.(where ever we will be when we are in a sudden need or in a hard situation or in a trouble ,pain,sorrow,danger,no one will help us except god if we call his name with devotion lord himself will take care of everything.this my mom told me).I am very happy that datta swamy proved that he is always with me and proved my word to my cousin and she had child.



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