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31 Jan 2019_Beautiful divine experience at Gangapur with Sri Guru's blessings.

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Billa Anirudh and Sri Surya vamshi are sharing their beautiful divine experience at Gangapur with Sri Guru's blessings.

-We want to share a miracle that happened to us and also provided details regarding how can a devotee offer 10-20kg of Pulihora(lemon rice) to All devotees during Annadhanam time (12:30 to 1PM) at Datta kshetra , ganagapur

SriPada Rajam Sharanam Prapadhye ..!
Sridatta Gurave Namaha...!!
Shri Nrusimha Saraswati Swami Gurave Namaha...!!!

Sri Kshetra Ganagapur is considered as the chief Seat of Shri Guru Dattatreya who is ever ready to bestow blessings on the active devotees.

This is about miracles happened in my life related to Sri Kshetra Ganagapur,Karnataka.
We say miracles here because we have been witnessing them from past one year from 29.12.2017 (1st visit -Gnagapur) to 30.12.2018 (2nd visit)....till today & I hope it will continue forever due to blessing of SriDatta...
1st Visit :
In December 2017 my younger brother (Sri Surya Vamshi) and I decided to visit Sri Kshetra Ganagapur,KARNATAKA . We palnned 1 day Piligrimage from hyd.
We started in early morning in our own vehicle ,on reaching there we directly went to BHIMA-AMARAJA Sangam and had bathe in it and went to pray AWADUMBER Tree.
(Guru Charitra chapters Flashed in our mind as Sri Nrusimha Saraswathi Swamy coming to Sangam daily and going back to Kshetra...)
Then immediately went to temple for Darshan and had a great Darshan with a Satisfaction,later sat in the temple premises for meditation (we could sense a great energy inflow into our body without our thoughts wandering,fixed steady )
As the time for Prasad disrtibution ended in the temple premisis we couldnt able to get Bhiksha from atleast 5 people. So we decided to distribute bananas to the maximum people we can do.
As we are going around the temple boundary (outside on street) and giving banana each to persons whome ever we see,before we complete one round the temple, we found a person who exactly sitting as Nrusimha Datta with same facial features.We offered him what we have got. Common people generally show a gesture a thanking but being GURU DATTA he showed his Lotus palm and blessing us. By this we confirmed in our heart that he is our Lord Datta present in Ganagapur as told in Gurucharita.
Our happiness went to a level of on the top of the world feeling....
Had Annaprasadam at Annadhanam place and started our return journey to hyd...
While leaving Ganagapur we prayed to Lord to give us chance next time to serve more people and we decided to stay 2 days in coming year.....
That year 2018 very well and whatever we seeking from God ,used to reach us with easy many times.
My brother got solved his office issues very soon and grown so much in just a year to be more Pragmatic person and serving many people in need.
SRI DATTA made me to many GURUS in real life at each step to help me with my career,personal growth and for guidance in life. My LIFE took a big leap with more confidence and full of energy to achieve anything.

2nd Visit :
On 30.12.2018 (exactly after 365 + 1 day) we started our journey from hyd to Ganagapur in a day advance.This time we are eagerly waiting to see GURU DATTA at Ganagapur and tensed whether GURU DATTA gives us chance to serve many as we prayed last time.
We reached by evening time and visited BHIMA-AMARAJA Sangam and offered prayers to AWADUMBER TREE. we also visited temples which are at Sangam area
Later we rushed to Kshetra Ganagapur to witness "PALLAKI SEVA OF DATTA". Devotees in large number waiting to follow 'GURU DATTA PALLAKI' in this seva. we had a very high emotional time during seva as we saw DATTA moving before us showering his blessing to us we felt the Warmth of SRI DATTA.
Now we are thinking how to plan tomorrow's PRASAD (Daily happens between 12.30 to 1.30 pm) Just prayed DATTA once again to show the way.
We went to ask many people how to proceed for next day but no one there could understand what we exactly want to do but finally we went to 'LADDU PRASAD COUNTER' and enquired with the person who is incharge of it. He asked us to come at 9 pm again.
We waited for 1 hour and went back to same place. Then he completed his duty hours and asked what we intended to do.. We said we want to get prepared some food item to serve large crowd. He thought for a second and suggested is PULIHORA (PULIHOGARE in Kannada) (LEMON RICE ) works for us. Without a second we said YES,YES...
Then he suggested to meet a family who stays adjacent to temple (Brahmin Family who is serving God and helping devotees, even provide vegetarian meals to devoteess which is purely home cooked). We then visited their home and said our requirement for next day.SRIMATI ANITHA is the person who going to help us. She asked us get the ingredients required and said she will cook for us..
She said she would just take Rs.400 for making , we were surpised to know she is doing such a great help for us, with a lot of strainous work for a mere amount.
We decided to Serve PULIHORA(LEMON RICE) atleast of 10 kgs to devotees,She gave a list to get from the grocery shopAs we got all ingredients from the shop nearby the temple area, we got very much satisfied that SRI DATTA allowing us to be a in every stage of this 'PRASAD'
We handed all the things to her and when we are about to give her the money she said she will take tomorrow, only after the work.We are supposed to collect at 12 pm next day along with large bowl and few big spoons provided by them only. At 9.30 pm came back to our stay with a lot of peace and excitement for tomorrow.
On 31.12.2018 morning we got ready and went to DARSHAN directly.There was no rush in the morning so went in general line to see GURU DATTA. After the first darshan we went again into line (this time rush started) to see DATTA again. Shri Nrusimha Saraswathi DARSHAN is such that even you watch 100 times in a day we want to see him again.
Sat for meditation in the premises and observed the flow of energy. This time I felt more EXUBERANT than last time. We have an hour to see clock strike 12 noon, so went to Sangam and offered prayers at AWADUMBER TREE and started my 41 day 'SIDDAMANGALA STROTRA -11 TIMES' PARAYANA under the tree shade and decided to do it meticolously (by today I reached 11th day ).
Went back to Smt.Anitha's house and waited for 2 minutes there. She asked us to come inside and take the prepared PRASAD.By seeing it we thanked her and gave her more amount that she asked previous day.She resisted to take but we insisted,she agreed (Because we know we cannot quantify the help she did to us, providing us what we asked and its a pure home cooked PRASAD and their source of income is very also limited ).
With our own hands lifted the Large bowl and placed at the prasadam counter, where we found few other people brought their own prasad from their homes to distribute to devotees.
After GURU DATTA prayers in the temple, temple people asked us to proceed to distibution.Long lenght of queue of devotees,serving with our own hands gave us a very happy feeling that we havent experienced in our LIfe. we felt that this previlage of derving people is given by LORD DATTA. Afterwards, we also accepeted BHIKSHA from 5 people who are present there.
We handed our empty Bowls to her and had our Lunch at her home. She cooked a pure vegetarian meal served hot with a flavour of pure south india. She asked us whenever we visit Ganagapur if at all we need any help, to give her a call a day advance so that she will prepare lunch and also PRASAD for us.
We thanked the Laddu Prasadam incharge for showing us the way the before day.
While returning back we again prayed SRI DATTA to give us chance to visit twice a Year to serve more and more devotees...Awaiting for the blessings this year..!!

If any devotee want to serve PRASAD in KSHETRA GANAGAPUR
Pls call Mr.Prabhakar Kulkarni - 9380277578
(OR ) Mr. Sudhakar Kulkarni - 9448830849 both are family members of SMT.ANITHA
In case if anyone want to speak with them personally, Pls look for Mr.Prabhakar Kulkarni (LADDU MAKER AND INCHARGE) at LADDU PRASADAM COUNTER within the temple complex he will guide us with the rest.


Shared By: Billa Anirudh ji , Sri Surya Vamshi ji