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6 June 2018_Saved a mothers life of two twin children Immediate result of Sri Pada Sri Vallabha Sidda Mangala Stotra Parayanam

SriPada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

I am a datta devotee for the past 4 years and I have experienced his presence many times in my life. His grace towards his devotees is so immense. My aunt and uncle were trying for a baby for the past 5 years. She has undergone 2 to 3 operations and because of that, she became so weak. Finally, she is conceived by Gods grace. But she faced some health issues during her 8th month of pregnancy. When they consulted the doctor, they came to know that she should undergo a surgery to take the twin boy babies out or else she will land into serious trouble. Though the babies were taken out successfully, she was not having sufficient platelet count and blood. So she was supplied blood from external sources and her health came back to normal stage within four days. Suddenly on a night, she faced severe bleeding from the stitches which filled her room throughout and because of that, she lost her consciousness and was in a critical situation. Later, she underwent a surgery again. This bleeding happened again on another night and the same thing was carried out to make her stay in a healthy condition. I visited her once and understood her problem. So I prayed to the lord and decided to chant Sidda Mangala Stotram parayana to bless her with faster recovery from the worse health condition and make her healthy. With all my heartful belief, I started chanting Sidda Mangala Stotram 11 times a day for 41 days. With dattas grace, she returned back to her normal life with good health and she is perfectly fit now to do her daily chores. Everything happened before I complete the parayana because of the immense grace of datta towards his devotees. He will be there always with his devotees wherever they are. He will take care of you like a father when it is necessary. Your Love, Care, and grace towards your devotees are indescribable. We LOVE YOU and thank you very much datta prabhu.

Shared By: Lavanya