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16 April 2018_Believe me , I am your Guru!

SriPada Rajam Sharanam Prapadhye

Message from one Devotee


Divine Message from Smt Karthivayini in Hong Kong doing SriPada SriVallabha Parayanam


Yesterday Sree pada swamy gave darshan in my daughter's dream as a child. He was wearing orange dress and had rudraksham around his neck. She asked him who he is and he said he was SriPada Sri Vallabha

The people gathering there said they did not believe him, as how could a child perform so many miracles? And then SriPada said, believe me, I am your guru!

So she drew this drawing in his honor


Digambara Digambara SriPada Vallabha Digambara

Shared By: Karthivayini ji