Devotee Experience


4 April 2018_ Abundant blessings of Sripada

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada Devotee Mounikaji is sharing a heart touching experience with Sripada's grace and blessings.

Last year August My mother got brain stroke and was hospitalized. She went into deep sleep for two weeks. We were praying like anything to save my Mother. One day my Mother friends daughter brought Sri Padha SriVallbha Vibuthi to hospital. We asked nurse to keep it under my Mother pillow. Later within One day my Mother came out of sleep and now she is doing her works. It is all because of Sri Padha Sri Vallabha Swamy and Sri Siddha Mangala Slokam. I am very much thankful to Sri Padha Prabu. And he is the one who fixed my marriage unexpectedly and resolved all our sorrows.


Shared By: Mounika ji