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15 March 2018_In the presence of Sripada, no action takes place without reason

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada Devotee Kargol ji is sharing a wonderful leela of swamy in his life.

Dear Datta bandhus,

I actually want to list all my experiences.But the list is too big.So kept postponing to find more time to write.I don't want to waste time anymore as this might be an answer to some one's prayer.I want to share so many miracles.But the whole point in sharing is only to strengthen our devotion.So I just want to say few words and will share one of the awesome miracle which is short and sweet.

Miracles happen every day in your life if you surrender to Datta prabhu , may not be very soon but definitely they will.As always sripada in his charitamrutham emphasizes.''naa sannidhi lo kaaranam leni karyam jaragajaladu'' (No action takes place without reason in My presence).
I just want to let all Datta devotees know that every sec Sripada notices us.Just pray him whole`heartedly.Let the negative things happen in life.Be brave.He will save us like we protect our kids.He is the parent(mother and father) to every creature in this world.

please keep reading sripada srivallabha charitamrutham.Every day atleast a single page.He will guide you in day to day life as your own father does whenever you need.

Iam a devotee of dattatreya, who is none other than sripada srivallabha.I try to read atleast a single page of charitamrutham daily.I listen Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara song and audio version of charitamrutam.On my way to office back from office while travelling. You actually don't need to do any special poojas or anything.Devote your intense feelings,you will experience His presence ''smarana matra prasannadu''.

one day I was listening to charitaamrutham in office through ear phones as there was no work and all of a sudden my manager came up for a quick one to one meeting only to let me know that I am fired as I am a contractor and there were no upcoming projects.We were already in financial problems and this came up as jerk.To my surprise I got selected in the very first application for a s/w job.Many of my friends who kept trying though they already have experience are still struggling to find one.Everyone was awestruck the way I got it.

All I want to say is.Do not get disappointed the way life is going.Everything is for your good.Pray Him wholeheartedly. You will be drenched with his love.The only way to reach Him is through your steadfast devotion.You will be tested in all means.Don't give up.If you are having tough time then definitely you are under His observation.When the time comes he will pick you into his arms just as you protect your children.

Never lose hope or faith.The only way to keep connected with Dattateya is SMARANA.A true prayer will always be answered.
If we chant the name of Sripada Srivallabha, we will certainly get His grace. We can get liberated from all difficulties and losses.In the presence of Sripada, no action takes place without reason as said in charitamruthamm

Thank you.


Shared By: Kar Gol ji