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22 Feb 2018_Your love for your devotees is indescribable in words.

Sripada Raajam Saranam Prapadye!!!

Anonymous Sripada is sharing an amazing leela of Swamy during Karthika Masam.

I chant Siddha Mangala Stotram everyday. I am a very small devotee of Sripada Swamy. I really feel inspired when I read this page and devotees experiences. I really salute the devotee who is chanting Siddha Mangala Stotram 108 times everyday. I read this experience as many times as I can, to get inspiration from this devotee.

I want to share a recent leela that happened with Sripada Swamy.
I really like the month of Kartika very much. It is in the same month in which mother Yashoda ties little Krishna to a grinding mortar and made Him Damodar. I really love Damodar Leela and Lord Damodar so much. I wanted to have a Damodar figurine in my home shrine. We placed an order. However, they delivered a different figurine. I was really sad as I did not get Damodar figurine as I thought. So we placed a return request with the seller. I went to my puja room and prayed to Sripada Swamy that I want a cute Damodar figurine, but I like the other mother Yashoda holding Krishna figurine too as Krishna is so cute.
How can we give away that cute Krishna after He came to our home? I prayed to Sripada Swamy is it possible to have both the Krishna figurines?

That afternoon my Datta Sister messaged me and asked me if I want to hear Gajanan Leelamrutam. I readily agreed as I like Ganesha so much. When I opened the video that was sent to me I was awe-struck as there was a Damodar photo in Her home shrine and also Gajanan Leelamrutam book opens as a dialogue between two devotees Bankat Lal and Damodar Pant who sees Gajanan Maharaj in Shegaon eating during some function. I wanted to see Lord Damodar, He appeared in picture form and also in the Holy book I was about to hear. I felt so happy and thanked Sripada Swamy.

A few days later, Sripada Swamy arranged for us to have both Damodar figurine and mother Yashoda holding Krishna figurine too. The seller sent out a mail saying that we do not have to return the other figurine and that they are sending Damodar figurine this time. They requested us to keep mother Yashoda holding Krishna as a gift. I was so happy. We received Damodar figurine on Kartika Somavaram, a very auspicious day.
How else could this be possible if this is not arranged by Sripada Swamy? We love you so much Sripada Swamy. Your love for your devotees is indescribable in words.

Digambara! Digamabara! Sripada Vallabha Digarmbara!
Digambara! Digambara! Narasimha Saraswathi Digambara!


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