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9 Feb 2018_ A Year full of Blessings and Miracles

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Vaishaliji is sharing her beautiful experiences of receiving abundant blessings from Sripada.

Till 4 yrs back I was not even aware of Shripada Shrivallabh's name.My sister in law gave me Charithamrut of Shripad Shrivallabh and told me even if you don't read just keep it at your home.I agreed and kept the book with me and forgot about it.

I will share 3 miracles that we experienced in this 1yr period.

1) God had thought about blessing me and protecting my family from all troubles so in December 2016 during Margshirsh month one night I saw Datta Guru in my dream and suddenly I remembered that book.During those days I was going through lot of mental stress and was very unhappy and reason for it was that 5yrs back we had purchased a flat in a Multistorey building which was under construction and mean while we were living in a very nice residential society on rent.Slowly we started liking this house more than our new home, we tried to talk to the owner to sell us the flat but he said he doesn't have any plan to sell his home.After several failed attempts we shifted to our new home in Nov2016.This home was big with all facilities but for my child and myself I wished we could get a home in that previous society.When I saw the dream of Datta Guru I decided to read the book and started taking information about the procedure for parayan.On Sunday I began Parayan of Shripad Shrivallabh, I did puja and that very moment my husband came home and informed me that he met the rent home owner he wants to sell the flat to us now.I couldn't believe what I heard just one day of devotion towards Shripad Shrivallabh and I was getting what I wished for so long in a moments times,so easily now. We thanked God million times for his blessing.In 6 months we completed all the procedures and are happily living in our dream home due to God's grace.

2) Now already we had a loan for new flat and were not having money to buy our dream home so we tried for another loan which we got but we were scared as we had now very huge loan on us cause my new flat was difficult to be sold due to high amount and the property market had crashed.
When my new loan got sanctioned I took the papers and went to a Datta Mandir near my home and prayed God to take care of our worries.Again with his blessings we became loan free just in 6 months time as our flat got sold.Today we have no financial worries all because of surrendering to Shripad Shrivallabh.We need to surrender to god completely and he takes care of all our troubles how ever big or small they may be.

3) My daughter is 6yr old when she was 3 yr old she was detected with minor problem related to the blood flow which was going reverse into her heart,in 2017 August we went for her routine check up and Dr said the flow has increased.We were so scared and tensed to hear this,we kept on crying but also kept on taking Shripad Shrivallab's name in our heart and asked him to take care of our daughter.

We started Siddhamangala stotra for 40 days myself and my husband who has also become a devotee of Shripad Shrivallabh now.One of the doctors said she will have to go for an operation and we were in worst state of mind to hear this but we kept on praying.Then we got to know about a very experienced Dr in this field we took his appointment and as we reached the check up centre exactly in opposite building there was a temple of SriSwamy Samarth I took my daughter first to the temple to take Swamy's blessings.My fear was reduced as God had given signal that don't worry I am always with you.

After her check up Dr said don't worry at all she is fine she wont have any problems due to this reverse blood flow.She will have a healthy long life.I felt like God is speaking to me in disguise of Doctor.I touched Drs feet and again went to temple to thank God.Now we have to keep follow up yearly for her but need not worry much.I pray to God that next time we go for her check up the problem gets totally resolved.

But when I think of all this experiences I myself cant believe how simple Shripad Shrivallabh is.HE came to our rescue every time we prayed him, our connection with him is just about a year old and he is blessing us in abundance.I cannot thank God enough for how much he has protected us.We went to Pithapuram and Kuruvapur in October 2017 to say thank you to him for everything, that is also his favour that we could visit this places.

I want to tell all his devotees keep on praying him and he will never fail to help us.Trust him and surrender completely he will always take care of his devotees.

Digambara Digambara Shripadvallabh Digambara..

Shared By: Vaishali ji