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2 Feb 2018_ Immediate result of Sripada Srivallabha charithamrutham Parayanam.

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous sripada devotees is sharing an experience of receiving wonderful blessings from Sripada.

I am very glad to express the immediate result of sri pada sri vallabha charitamrutam parayanam.
I am working as a software employee and the current situation in my company is not good because of lack of projects.
I am in a situation of getting released from project and my release date also got confirmed.
And I am very much worried and met many managers for project but everyone confirmed there is no requirement currently.
Meanwhile my sister gave me sri pada sri vallabha charitamrutam book and told me to do parayanam to gain the grace of sri datta prabhu and to fulfill your wish.
Just before one week of my release date I started reading sri pada sri vallabha charitamrutam by praying sri datta to show me project and I wish to complete the parayanam in one week.While doing parayanam I used to read this blog to know the experiences of datta bakthas and I wish I should also get sri vallabhas blessings and one day I should write my divine experience in same blog.
Started parayanam on thrusday and finished it on next wednesday and next day i.e on thursday I visited sai baba temple there I prayed datta idol
that I have completed the parayana with lots of belief and prayed god that please show mercy on me.
and returned back home by thinking that nothing is in my hands and only god can do anything.
Immediately I got call from my friend saying that her manager want to take me into her project and its confirmed.
My body shivered and my eyes are filled with water with joy.
That project is for long term and its very good technology.
So I am very happy that I got blessings from sri pada immediately and my wish also fulfilled to write my experience in this blog.

Sri pada sri vallabha digambara...
datta digambara..
Jaya vijayeebhava digvijayeebhava sri madakhanda srivijayeebhava.


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