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Sripada's amazing miracle

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye!!!

Here is the faith boosting miracle shared by one of the Sripada devotees.

Sripada srivallbha is the first incarnarion of Lord Dattatrya.HE listens to us every moment. HE stands besides us in life's most critical moment and makes us feel HIS presence.

I would like to share a wonderful experience of mine how Sripada guided us to surpass the hurdles and gifted us with the Green card. Our Attorney filed I-130 for my wife, it’s a Family based Green card in the year 2011 and priority date was 2009. We expected it might take at least 2 years to get the process done completely. Even after 6 months our I-130 has not been approved and process was getting delayed. One fine day Query was sent by consulate for submission of the additional document. We submitted the required documents and waiting for the approval of our petition. Unfortunately circumstances made my wife move to the other city for a Job to survive on H1 visa. But her health started deteriorating due to the immense pressure in the Job. She could not get adjusted to the work environment wanted to come back home. With Sripada’s blessings I-130 was approved and waiting for priority dates to become current .As the months go by we were checking monthly Visa bulletin for the current dates.In the year 2012 severe Retrogression in the priority date cut-offs happened for Employment based Category. Luckily Family based category was not affected and advanced to another month. I started reading
‘Sripada srivallabha charithamrutham’ and praying Sripada to see the cut off dates getting closer to our priority date. To our astonishment priority dates advanced to 6 months and so on.We informed our attorney Dates were getting very closer to become current. But she was in hurry to travel to India for 3 weeks vacation. Time has come and our dates were current now. No clue for us what should be the next step. Attorney was back to USA and we started chasing her and completed all required formalities from our end .She submitted all those docs to consulate. After a week my wife received an email saying GC interview is scheduled in Mumbai in three weeks. It was a big shock for us as process has already been initiated here and how my wife can go India now to attend the interview. Impossible to take off from job. Not courageous to take the hard step, if something goes wrong she has to stay back in India until query resolved. Attorney suggested us to check with Visa center if they can move my file from india.Every night it was hell for me talking to the customer care in India but ended up with no positive answer ‘ We should receive a request from the consulate in USA’. Here Visa center says ‘ we can’t request them to move the file’. Meanwhile we were receiving emails for Biometrics following with Visa interview scheduled in a month here. Happy that my wife can attend the interview here but what about our original documents sitting in Mumbai consulate. We were so frustrated and even Attorney was helpless but she suggested us to complete the GC interview here though Visa center doesn’t have our original docs with them. Requested Attorney to accompany us for interview. She responded ‘No problem. But you guys can’t afford me. It’s expensive for you guys’. It was sounded bit sarcastic and My wife got hurt the way she talked then said ‘Why do we have to worry.That’s true.We can’t afford her. Don’t have to waste our money.But we have blessings from Sripada srivallabha and saibaba. They will accompany us. We don’t need any Attorney’.
The day arrived, we went to the consulate here, did not stop chanting ‘Datta Digambara Datta Digamabara Sripadavallabha Datta Digambara’. After seeing people with their Attorneys , even my wife’s faith was little shaken as we were not with our attorney. Chanting ‘Datta Digambara’.We have strong faith in Sripada and saibaba but not sure how it would happen without having originals with them. My wife’s name was called in.As soon as we got in Visa officer started taking my wife’s H1 visa documents and filing them separately. Not listening to him at all kept chanting ‘Datta Digambara’.My wife was answering the questions. Finally I heard him saying ‘Your petition has been approved. You will receive your GC in a week’. Visa officer did not talk about original docs just approved GC.It was simply Implausible, Stunning, and Astounding etc. What else I can say. LORD Sripadasrivallbha was our Attorney.
How Can I show my gratitude to the Supreme ‘SRIPADASRIVALLABHA’ for making Impossible to Possible. No words to describe HIS mercy and grace towards HIS devotees.

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