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17 Nov 2017_ Swamy Shoulders our troubles and solves the problems in ways unimaginable

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.
Anonymous Sripada Devotee is sharing an amazing leela of Sripada in their family.
Dear Datta Bandhus – I have shared my experience earlier where I mentioned how I started doing Sidda Mangala Sthothram for my brother and sister in law due to the issues at their work place and shared our experience on how my brother got blessed. This time, I want to share how my SIL was blessed. I just get goosebumps even writing and thinking about how she was blessed.
My Sister in law is a dynamic, hard-working, responsible individual and always went above and beyond call of duty. She was promised a promotion way back in 2014. Though she never got one and was pretty disappointed not because she wasn’t offered one but with all the politics that were being played around with her while loading her work plate. She still kept going with impeccable work record showing no remorse. Things started really getting worse by 2016-17, where the work really started to impact her health, her personal life and of course her professional life. Her manager started to manipulate her by making her work around the clock, taking advantage of her weakness to take on more work by making her feel responsible and ensuring she had hostile environment, providing no support. It cannot be explained but it was just like working in the hell. Though she loved her work, he was making her life miserable and was making sure none of the management above him got no clue on what was going on. She was getting depressed, suppressed and all this was taking a heavy toll on her overall life. She couldn’t quit the job due to visa issues nor could change job as there were not too many opportunities in her field and he took advantage of this situation. At this very same time, as I mentioned in my earlier experience, my brother was also facing several work related issues. All this really caused me immense pain and I at once decided to lay my fears and worries at Swami Sripada’s feet. I have asked my brother also to start chanting SMS till Vinayaka Chavithi day.
Around 3wks after I & my brother started chanting SMS, all of a sudden we received a surprise email from my sister in law that her manager was FIRED. Since we got regular updates on all the atrocities at work, this felt like a DIWALI celebration in August. We were super happy for her. We initially thought it was because of the way he created mess for his team that he was fired, but then found out later on that he violated few company policies and behaved unethically. The top management had no clue what was even going in his team etc. What was the best part of this whole episode was that the top management started digging his emails as he caused potential legal issues for the company and that is how all his manipulations and the work that my SIL was doing from last 2 yrs came into light. Everyone were shocked that she was doing his job and yet the management wasn’t aware of it. The issue went up to the C-level. Apology letters started coming from HR, senior management and lastly from CEO also. This is a global company with thousands of employees and this felt truly amazing seeing and hearing all this. She was promoted with a very good % hike and things have calmed down completely. Along with this manager, there were 3 more employees who showed racism and worked with her manager to create torturous environment and guess what all of them were fired one by one in a span of 1month. I was thinking if this was a dream or happening in reality. Seriously this is what would have been an ideal working environment and Swami simply took care of the situation. I can’t thank Swami Sripada enough. I just keep thinking to myself, he has created such a complex environment to begin with, create pain and agony and we could no longer endure and turned ourselves completely to his feet, he came running to rescue us and then solved the issues with such a dexterity. What can I say? If we truly, faithfully, completely believe in him and surrender ourselves, he shoulders our troubles and solves the problems in ways unimaginable.
Sripada Rajyam Saranam Prapadhaye!!!

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