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2 Nov 2017 _ Within a week I got my Visa Approval

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.
Anonymous Sripada devotee is sharing a beautiful experience which reminds the following lines from 18th chapter of Sripada srivallabha charithamrutham.
- I am the one who rushes with a thousand hands to succour of those who call ME in distress.
I want to share my experiences with miracles of Sripada vallabha..
I have done masters here in US and have a nice job with a contract extended until 2019. I was working on student visa (OPT) and have applied for H1B this year. My student visa was about to end in a month then I received a very critical RFE (Request for additional documentation) for my H1B application. My employer was not responding properly to me and when I ask about it they would just say we are working on it. Days passed and my OPT ended and I had to take a short break from work until my H1B is approved. Except for calling my employer and asking about the status I could do nothing as the response has to be sent from Attorney or Employer and its not me who has to respond. I was in a very tensed state as I would go out of status and loose my job if my H1b is not approved this year. Then I came across a story on this page and how reading sripada vallaba siddha mangala sthotram helped them to get out of troubles. I started reading this sthotram and guru charitra. In one week I started to get calls from my employer that they are working and they assured me that they would respond to the RFE. I continued reading sthotram and after 2 weeks of reading it, my employer sent response and within a week I got my approval. I am feeling blessed and very happy to share my experience with you.

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