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12 October 2017_ How else we can thank Swami Sripada?

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.
Anonymous Sripada devotee is sharing swamy's wonderful miracle in her brother's life.
I would like to share my experience on how Swami Sripada blessed both my brother and sister-in-law. Both my brother and SIL had different kinds of work related stress. In this experience, I will concentrate on how my brother was blessed. My brother is into consulting and is a very hard working person. His work is exemplary per his colleagues and was very much valued but the hiring manager being an Indian had huge ego issues and was not ready to extend his contract in spite of repeated pleas from her team members to keep him. She went ahead and posted the job and started interviewing folks aggressively and showed huge attitude that he is no longer needed. While losing a job is worrisome issue but losing it due to someone’s ego and showing attitude and being disrespectful was making him feel very bad. My brother also started looking out for jobs but nothing was really materializing. He was worried he might have to go out of state leaving his wife and toddler kid, which he already did for nearly 8months last yr and that didn’t go well with the kid. Seeing the stress and anxiety my brother was going through, I felt very disturbed, helpless and sad. I immediately decided to do Sidda Mangala Sthothram requesting Swami to remove the mental stress that my brother and SIL were going through in their respective work areas. The same night, I requested my brother to start reciting SMS till Vinayaka Chaviithi day, which was almost 40 days away. He started per my advice the very next day. Wonder of wonders, within 5 days of starting SMS, his manager called him and asked him if he was still available. She didn’t tell him directly that she couldn’t find anyone after interviewing for more than a month or so, as again it hurts her ego. The interesting aspect was that she extended his job against her own wish and it she showed it directly on her face. She was in fact so disappointed and sounded low with no energy even while extending his contract. She was just forced to extend is how it appeared. How else can we thank Swami Sripada? This is a testimony that if we truly surrender ourselves and have faith on him, he will surely take care of our issues, irrespective of what the circumstances are.

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